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Microsoft its bringing its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service to Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles this holiday. The integration of xCloud will let Xbox owners simply click play on an Xbox. And while gaming is getting better on the Mac itself, it’s just not the same as gaming on a PC or Xbox. And with that, Xbox Cloud Gaming has officially arrived for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users. What is Xbox Cloud Gaming? For the past three years or so, Microsoft has been working on a cloud-gaming service which was known as Project xCloud. Microsoft’s xCloud is a cloud streaming element of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Users do not need a console to play the more than 100 games which are available. The service works on Safari on a Mac. Jun 29, 2021 According to a blog post from the gaming giant, xCloud will now be widely available for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members using Windows 10 PCs, macOS computers, or iOS devices such as iPhones.

Microsoft has extended its xCloud, the cloud-based game streaming service, to iOS and iPad devices as well as PCs and Macs across 22 countries.

Ina blog post on Monday, Microsoft announced that streaming over xCloud is now set to 1080p at up to 60 frames per second with a decent internet connection, powered by Xbox Series X consoles.


As an invite-only beta, Microsoft xCloud has been included in Xbox Game Pass since mid-April 2021. As of right now, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can access it and more than 100 games anywhere they have an iOS device, a PC, or a Mac.


Catherine Gluckstein, vice president & head of product of Xbox Cloud Gaming, expressed in a blog post,

“Today marks a key milestone in our journey to bring the Xbox experience to all gamers, and we can’t wait for you to begin playing. I remember about three years ago, the first time I picked up a phone and played a cloud game, using nothing but touch controls. It’s a moment I’ll never forget, where the beauty of the graphics mixed with the creativity of technology to create something truly magical. So, from Team Xbox to you, we hope you experience more joy and connection through gaming anywhere and everywhere.”

According to Microsoft, the xCloud on iOS will act as a web-based app through Safari, and it is allowing the users to choose between a controller or touch controls for particular games. While on PCs, xCloud will act through the Edge browser and Chrome. Similarly, for Macs, the xCloud service will be supported by Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Microsoft is also making significant changes to the overall gaming experience. Xbox cloud gaming now will be powered by custom Xbox series hardware. Microsoft is also keen to upgrade the datacenters around the globe to provide users faster load time and improved frame rates.

In February, Microsoft had begun testing its xCloud game streaming through a web browser. The report shows that employees were, at that time, testing xCloud on a web browser ahead of a public launch.

Apple’s App Store guidelines had been offering resistance to Microsoft for bringing xCloud on iOS. It wasn’t long before Apple caved, allowing them to run “through the web.” In September last year,new rules have been put in place by Apple’s App Store to address many of the issues raised over the management of the iPhone-specific digital storefront.

Microsoft’s xCloud, the new cloud game streaming component a part of Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate, has officially launched for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and macOS. The xCloud doesn’t require the use of a console and the PC version can be accessed through the Edge Browser and Google Chrome. With over 100 games available to play, Game Pass Ultimate holders will be able to have access to many beloved titles. Another feature of the xCloud is that the service is compatible with Bluetooth controllers and USB controllers. On iOS devices, the xCloud can be accessed through web-based apps like Safari. Players will get to choose to have a controller or touch controls for different games. With xCloud being powered by a custom Xbox Series X console hardware, setting streams to 1080p at up to 60 frames per second can be achieved for those with fast internet connections.

Starting today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is running on custom Xbox Series X hardware, and available to all @XboxGamePass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser, across 22 countries. https://t.co/HYuvbHGBUg#XboxGamePass

— Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) June 28, 2021

Cloud gaming is said to provide gamers with seamless play across all of their devices–whether your streaming from your PC or mobile device, your game will be playing from an Xbox hardware in a Microsoft datacenter. This essentially means that players will be able to jump into a game, play with friends on the go or on their PC while using the same Xbox network as their console.

Xcloud Gaming Mac


Xcloud Gaming Machines


On Xbox’s blog, the company stated that the gameplay on iOS devices and macOS will be just as powerful as playing on a console, as they ensure that xCloud users will experience fast load times, improved frame rates, and a high-quality experience. This key milestone to the Xbox experience is allowing gamers to bring the console experience directly to the devices they use daily.

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