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GIF editor software enables one to edit GIF images easily and also allows creating animated images. They come with plenty of features like adding images as frames, setting delay time between frames and applying special effects like transitions to the images. They come with various editing tools like cropping image and resizing. They allow creating frames, adding new frames in between two frames and swapping frames also.

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Video to GIF Converter. Aiseesoft Video to GIF Converter is the best video to GIF converting software which enables you to free make GIF from video in high quality on Windows and Mac. This video will show you how to create GIF image from video on Machttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/giphy-capture-the-gif-maker/id668208984?mt=12.

They allow previewing images and support many image formats. To know more about these GIF editors and their varieties one can search Google using “gif maker”, “gif editor free download”, “gif editor software” and “gif editor download”.

Online GIF Maker and Image Editor

This online GIF maker software is simple to use. It comes with great tools for GIF editing. It allows creating, resizing, cropping, reversing and optimizing GIF images. It comes with plenty of effects to apply to GIF files. It also supports many other image types like jpeg, png, bmp, etc.

Gif Editor


This is great online GIF maker and editor software. It allows creating GIF images by either entering video URL or by drag and drop video files. It allows adding captions, subtitles and text to images. It allows creating animated image slideshows. It allows adding stickers and fun filters as well.


This is easy-to-use online GIF maker, editor and player software. It allows creating animated gifs from photos or paintings and editing them smoothly. It allows image resizing, changing the speed, merging more than one gifs, reversing gifs and order of frames too. It allows downloading GIF images after completing them.

Other GIF Editors for Different Platforms

There is numerous of GIF editors available for different platforms. GIF editor software installations are solely based on the platform that one is using and hence one should check and verify for compatibility. For example, there are GIF editors that are specifically meant for windows, android, Linux and Mac Os platforms.

Best GIF Editor for Windows – Easy GIF Animator

This is popular GIF animator creating and editing software. It allows creating banners, animated pictures and buttons. It allows creating astonishing animation effects and produce amazing quality pictures. It can convert video file fragments to animated GIF files. It comes with built-in editing tool and allows editing, removing, adding or swapping frames with ease.

Best GIF Editor for Mac Os – GIF Brewery 3

This is powerful GIF maker and editor software. It can convert video clips into GIFs and allows adding multiple captions. It allows cropping and resizing the video while creating GIFs. It allows applying image filters and allows saving the settings for performing editing at later stage also. It is easy-to-use software.

Best GIF Editor For Linux – mtPaint Graphic Editor

This is open source and simple to use software. It comes with great editing toolkit and capable of creating indexed palette images and pixel art as well. It can handle other file formats like jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, xpm and xbm files. It comes with efficient design and can run in old PCs also.

Best GIF Editor for Android – GIF Studio

This is excellent GIF maker and editor software which works very fast. It allows adding animated gif to a photo which is static or adding static photo to animated gif. It allows cropping gif to different size. It also allows adding styled text to gif and allows controlling its timing, sizing, coloring and position.

More Great GIF Editor for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Platforms

For windows platform some of the GIF editors are “XylemStudio’s AnimateGif”, “Movie To GIF”, “Any GIF Animator”, “MS GIF Animator”, “Animated GIF Creator” and “Amazing Photo
Editor”. For Mac Os version some of the GIF editors are “GIFfun” and “GIPHY CAPTURE”. “Gif creator” and “Gif Edit Maker video” are some of the GIF editors for android application. “Gifsicle” and “GiftedMotion” are some of the GIF editors for Linux platform.

Most Popular GIF Editor for 2016 is – Falco GIF Animator

This is best tool to edit animated images and it also allows creating unique animated gifs. It supports loading files from various formats like bmp, gif, png, jpg, ico, psd and many more. It comes with great editing tools and allows applying effects to images. It allows opening multiple files and supports webcam and scanners.

Mac Gif Creator

What is GIF Editor?

With technology improvements animated images in GIF format are more popular and widely used prominently in websites and social media sites. To create gif animated images from photos or videos and editing them one requires perfect software. These GIF editors can handle videos and create images so that one can add them to a frame or create multiple frames with multiple images too.

There are online GIF editors available which allow one to just drag and drop the files and create animated images. To know more about these GIF editors and their varieties one can search Google using “online animated gif editor”, “gif editor freeware”, “gif editor mac” or “gif editor linux”

How to Install GIF Editors?

GIF editor software installable files come with installation instructions and one can go through the installation instructions and complete the installation process comfortably. One can check with the vendor or software publisher’s website and perform installation or seek the help of the customer care and install the software without any troubles.

Benefits of GIF Editors

GIF editors are extremely valuable and handy tool for website developers. They help to create animated banners and images which are extensively used in web pages. They allow one to recreate animated images from a video allow adding special effects and using best editing tools they crop the images and resize them.

They also allow creating frames and adding images to these frames. They help to create cartoons, short movies and online tutorials easily. They can be utilized in video presentations during conferences and seminars. They help instructors to easily create stunning tutorials to teach the students. They are easy to learn and novice people can master using them quickly.

Convert Video To Animated Gif

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A very popular and great way to improve the aesthetic of a website is by adding GIFs. There are many great GIFs online, they can go from funny to dramatic and they can be found almost anywhere. However, nothing compares to an original GIF made especially for an article or a blog post. The process of making a GIF out of a video or a series of images can be challenging and can take up hours of precious time out of your day. Luckily, Video GIF Creator is an app which can help you easily make amazing GIFs out of your videos.

Convert Your Video to GIF with Video GIF Creator

Firstly, to begin the process you will need a video to convert. The video can be added into the app by selecting the “Select video” option placed on the top left. This option is one of the four provided by the app. In addition to this one you can choose to add images, remove any selected frames or remove all frames if needed. Right after selecting the wanted video you can notice that the app lets you play and see the video at any time without any extra effort. This way you can be sure that the editing turns out exactly how you want it.

Mac Convert Video To Gif

Right under the video you can find the options concerning the frames needed to make the final GIF. There are three options placed under the video control bar. You can mark as start or as end any part of the video by placing the cursor at the desired time and selecting the desired option. In the same manner you can add a frame to the final GIF. You can also add frames automatically. In this part you can choose between a fixed number of frames or a fixed interval between frames. Both are easy to change to your liking. You can also choose between circular or liniar play mode.

The next step consists on the editing part of the process. All the editing features are placed on the right side where you can see five major options. The first one is the “Adjust” option which lets you change the brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, gama and hue of the video frames. Second comes the “Effects” option. From color effects to vignette, with this one you can add many different effects to your video frames and make them as original as possible.

The “Text” option can be used either to watermark your GIF which is very important in maintaining its originality, or it can be used to write different messages to make it more interesting. The text can be moved, colored and customized accordingly.

The fourth option is called “Crop & Resize” and provides all the features needed to crop and resize your video frames with precision. You can choose to auto crop the video frames or to customize the process. The last option is called “Output” and lets you choose the frame delay and the loop count. You can also choose the number of colors that your GIF will have.

After the editing is done, click on the “Add Frames” button and watch as all the wanted frames appear on the left side. You can scroll past them to make sure everything is right. To see the GIF all you have to do is click on the “Generate Preview” button placed in the bottom right corner. After the GIF is generated click on “Play” and watch it unfold before your eyes.

Video To Gif Mac Free Download


The process ends by clicking on the “Save GIF” button. The app will provide the option to choose the name of the GIF and the folder where it will be placed. Next, all you have to do is click “Save” and in a few seconds you will have your wanted GIF ready to be posted.

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