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It is a very popular and widely used text editor by programmers and developers. Just follow below steps to configure sublime text to compile and run C and C programs. I have tested the steps in sublime text 3 but I am sure it will work for any other version also. In sublime text you can add your default snippet (code) 1. Download sublime text from Sublime Text - Download 2. Open sublime text. Go to 'tool ' option and click on new snippet option 4. It will open up an untitiled file 5. 1) Find out where Python3 was installed on your terminal via using the following command: Memorize or write down the location becuase you will need to input the loation in Sublime. 2) Click Tools Build System New Build System. 3) With the new tab, input “untitled.sublime-build” and save. It is totally a different and refreshing experience to code within Sublime Text, compared with shell, terminal of MAC and even PyCharm. The flexibility of packages enables users to change the code interface and environment as preferences, and some of the packages can even improve the efficiency of programming.

Sublime Text is much lighter than Xcode because ST is not a full featured IDE, likc Xcode. What you'll end up doing is installing/using gcc or g directly via the command line (which happens to be my preferred way of working). Command line compiling can get to be tedious though with all of the parameters that need to be passed.


Sublime text is a proprietary cross platform source code editor with a python application programming interface. It supports many programming languages. Sublime text 2.0.2 was released on 8 July, 2013. It contains 22 different themes with the option to download additional themes. In this tutorial, we will install Sublime Text on MacOS.


  1. MacOS
  2. Login as an administrator on terminal


Sublime Text Autocomplete

This includes following steps.

1) Download the dmg file

In order to install sublime text editor, we have to download the disk image file by visiting its official website or by simply pasting the link https://download.sublimetext.com/Sublime%20Text%20Build%203143.dmg in our browser's search bar.

2) Mount the File:

The dmg file downloaded from the official website of sublime text needs to be mounted to a Volume. This will be done by the following command.

3) Create a link of sublime text into bin:

Sublime text editor is installed into the /applications. To run sublime globally on terminal, we have to first create a symlink of /Applications/'Sublime Text 2'/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl into /usr/local/bin. Since it contains all the binary executable files which are identified globally on the system hence now we can run sublime text editor by simply typing sublime on terminal from any location.

Link can be created by using following command.


4) Test Sublime

Now we can create any text file with sublime by simply typing sublime along with file name.

5) Unmount the file

The file needs to be unmounted when we have competed the installation of sublime. For this purpose, use the following command.

Sublime Text C++ Ide

Hence, we have installed sublime text 2 on our MacOS successfully.

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Sublime Text 3 Full Version Free Download – Developing fast and efficient code for application is one of the most important aspect for programmers. In this Sublime Text 3.2.2 code editor for windows and mac, you can basically do this quite easily. It has two exciting features that able to scan through the code, MiniMap and QuickPanel. The QuickPanel stuff is located at the left side of the workspace, while the other is accessible with Ctrl + Shift + shortcut key. It grants users ability to access file browser quick and simple with filters. This application was developed for any Operating System, includes Windows, MacOSX and also Linux.

The best part of this software is the plugin system, code preview, macro recording, full screen and its flexible dialog panel. Therefore, by using the flexible dialog panel, we can customize the workspace location between multiple monitor. Moreover, its user interface will provided us with the best experience as possible. Not only it can reduce complexity, it also significantly decrease beginner’s learning effort. As for Programming Languages, Sublime Text 3.2.2 supports C, C++, H, H++, INL, CC, D, ERL, DOT, HS, Java, HTML, JS, Text, Lisp, Python, SQL, XML and much more. Just get yourself the best programming software for Windows and Mac now. Download Sublime Text 3 Full Crack with the latest serial key for activation free.

Sublime Text 3.2.2 Full Features

Sublime Text C++ Compiler

  • Beautiful and efficient user interface
  • Ability to edit multiple windows simultaneously
  • Edit the code in fullscreen
  • Delete all details except text for more focus on codes
  • Compatible with many programming languages ​​
  • C, C ++, C #, CSS, D, Erlang, HTML, Java, javascript, LaTeX, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Matlab, OCaml, Perl
  • PHP Python, R, Ruby, SQL, TCL, Textile, XML
  • Has various color schemes, including a lot of details, to display sections as segregated
  • Classification as outstanding
  • Automatic storage that prevents data loss from happening suddenly
  • Sublime special editor
  • Has many advanced tools and shortcuts to select different parts of the tex
  • Ability to simultaneously select multiple sections of the text to apply changes simultaneously to them

How to Install Sublime Text Full Version

  1. Download Sublime Text Full Version
  2. First, turn off antivirus, Windows defender and internet connection
  3. Extract with the latest Winrar v5.6
  4. Open and Edit Hosts File, then add this code below license.sublimehq.com
  5. Run setup.exe or DMG to install
  6. When finished, copy patch.exe to the program files> sublime text folder
  7. Run the patch, apply and delete it again
  8. For MacOSX, follow the TNT method
  9. Use the license in the Key.txt file
  10. Enjoy programming!

Sublime Text 3 C++ Build System Mac

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