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  1. Construction Management Software For Mac; Microsoft Project Management software, free download 2013 For Mac; It moves beyond project management software into an all-in-one solution, which can be frustrating at times if you depend on one tool for every single business function. The free plan is limited and then pricing plans begin at $5.99 per year.
  2. Project Planning Pro Best Free Project Management App Pricing. You’ll notice that we’ve used the term “free” with Project Planning Pro, and that’s because they offer a free and paid option. This is one of the free online project management tools that doesn’t have any user limits.

MS Project becomes so much more when it’s used in collaboration with ProjectManager, the cloud-based project management software for Windows and Mac OS. But once you’ve tried out our software with this free 30-day trial, you’ll ditch MS Project if you can and use ProjectManager full-time. Project management software makes it easy to follow tasks, even if your project needs a customized workflow. Collaboration & Communication. According to Capterra, 66 percent of project teams communicate with clients using a project management tool. Project software also helps the team communicate and collaborate on tasks internally.

Download Priority Matrix for Mac (and other platforms)

  • Keep track of important emails: Integrates with Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Reminder through Item Inbox
  • Prioritize today: Receive daily reports telling you what to work on next & pull your PM items into your preferred calendar
  • Have a single source of truth: Syncs with iOS, Windows, Android, Web, Microsoft Office, Gmail and more. Upload files, manage priorities like a pro!
Project Management App Mac FreeManagement

Mac Project Management Tool

  • Project management features include: Gantt time-line chart, Master View, One-on-One, Calendar, List View, Quadrant View, Dates, Efforts, Files, Delegation and more!
Priority Matrix uses 4-quadrants to help you focus on top priorities and projects. When you use Priority Matrix, you become more accountable to yourself, and ensure that you are spending time where it matters most.
Project Management App Mac Free

Priority Matrix® Managing Projects on the Mac

Drag and Drop to Prioritize

Prioritize items by moving items quickly from one quadrant to the next, or to sort them manually within a context.
Drag and drop items to copy, delete, or mark items as done. Drag Apple Mail messages, urls, pdfs, files onto the quadrant to create tasks.
Double click opens them, allowing you to manage information more efficiently than ever before!

Sync Seamlessly

Synchronize your data on the go, and transfer data between iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Android. You can work online and offline and
sync when you have internet connection again. Your data is always with you.

Understand Your Top Priorities with Master List
Project Management App Mac Free

Look at all of your tasks at once in one list, for a quick summary of your to-dos across all your projects. This is your “action item”
list, so you always know what to work on next. Customize tasks with as little or as much detail as you need,
including efforts, due dates, start dates, recurring frequency, icons, notes, and completion percentage.

What is Priority Matrix®?

Conquer your most important day-to-day commitments
while keeping your high-level goals in mind.

Over 90,000 busy professionals have invested in Priority Matrix® to help them prioritize and do more with less stress. Priority Matrix is a priority and task management tool based on the Eisenhower method. Your tasks are divided into 4 customizable quadrants:

  • Critical & Immediate- Important tasks that are due now
  • Critical & Not Immediate- Important tasks needs planning
  • Not Critical & Immediate- External responsibilities that can be delegated
  • Uncategorized Inbox- Miscellaneous items that can be categorized later

President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” Priority Matrix is made to solve this problem in the same way Eisenhower did, and is a critically-acclaimed business and productivity tool that distinguishes itself from traditional linear to-do lists.


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Project Management App Mac Free

Thousands of Customers Trust Priority Matrix for Better Priority Management

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