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Sep 10, 2015 Now that the final GM version of OS X El Capitan is released, it’s time to revisit how to create a USB install disk.Chances are high this GM seed will be the same version of OS X that ships later this month on September 30th. The OS X 10.11 El Capitan installer from the Mac App Store in your Applications folder. The installer will delete itself when you install the operating system, but it can be re-downloaded if. As usual, Apple no longer supply a bootable USB Flash Drive with latest OS X releases - including the new OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Using this tutorial you will.

If you use pkgutil to expand the InstallMacOSX.pkg it opens to three items, the Distribution file, InstallMacOSX.pkg and Resources. You can alter the Distribution file to ignore the supported platform check, see below.

Creating the Install OS X El Capitan.app on a mac that came with a newer OS than El Capitan.

Download the InstallMacOSX.dmg from Section 4 of How To Upgrade To El Capitan

Double-click to open InstallMacOSX.dmg to Install MacOSX.pkg.

Drag InstallMacOSX.pkg to the Desktop.

Open Terminal, enter the text


A folder will be created on the Desktop after a while with the contents of the .pkg file.

In there you will see an item called Distribution, Control-click on that and select Open With

go to Other and select Text Edit.

Os X El Capitan Usb Installer

When the file opens scroll down to the section that reads,

function isSupportedPlatform(){

type in at the end return true; so it now reads as,

Os x el capitan usb installer windows 7

function isSupportedPlatform(){return true;


Now click Save and close the document.

Go back to Terminal and enter the text,

press Return, after several minutes, be patient, (check to see if the prompt has returned to Terminal) a new package will be created on the Desktop.

When created double-click on that and an installation window will open where you will now convert the

Os X El Capitan Usb Installer Windows 10

new InstallElCapitan.pkg to the Install OS X El Capitan.app which will be placed in your Applications folder.

You can now create a bootable USB using the install app and createinstallmedia,

Os X El Capitan Usb Installer Download

If you have the time I would be grateful if you could give this a trial, it works here on my mac, but I would like confirmation from yourself or any others reading this that the procedure works on macs that came with macOS Sierra or newer pre-installed. Oh and tell me if my description of the procedure is easy to follow and understand..

Jan 15, 2020 12:58 AM

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