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You’ll never need to be restricted by a small storage space again

Play your favorite games or utility apps directly from your computer thanks to this handy emulator.

Apple has released macOS Big Sur. Version 11.0 (technically launching at 11.0.1), Big Sur is a substantial update to macOS that changes the look and feel of the entire system. The Notification Center and widgets have now merged into a single view, and elements like Control Center have come over from iOS, but with their own Mac spin Read: Best. Install Google Indic Keyboard on PC using NoxPlayer: Firstly, you have to download NoxPlayer from the provided connection on below your PC. On your Computer (Windows / Mac), install the Android System Emulator. Launch Android Emulator NoxPlayer. In the search engine bar, opens Google Play Store and enter ‘Google Indic Keyboard’.

  1. NoxPlayer FAQ, Emulator FAQ, NoxPlyer Tutorial, NoxPlayer Guide, NoxPlayer Helpcenter. Solution for Running Mac Big Sur while Stucking at 99%.
  2. However, if the operating system is macOS 11 Big Sur, there will be another window asking to reboot your device. In case BlueStacks says it interrupted the restart, click Cancel and close BlueStacks.

Any app, any time

Bring your favorite applications to your computer by using Nox, a reliable emulator that gives you just that.

Emulators are an amazing thing, letting you run old systems or even new ones on your computer or other devices. With Nox App Player you’ll soon be able to run almost every application available without needing to buy a new phone.


The program maps your keyboard to the screen, allowing you to play games, type or swipe with ease. You can also use your mouse to interact with the software as though you were tapping on a phone.

While Nox is an extremely reliable software, it does have a few issues, the most noticeable is that the application often gets stuck at 99 percent when booting up. This alone makes it potentially slow to start up, but the installation process also takes a long time.

The emulator has a very simplistic and user-friendly interface. The interface makes installing new apps and managing the emulated environment easy. If you own a joystick or joypad, you can connect them to get the best gaming experience.

You’ll be able to download many applications and games on the emulator. The app portal allows you to use your google account, which will sync some of your data between devices and sessions. Even if you delete this software, you’ll still have some data saved on Google when you reinstall Nox.

Where can you run this program?

Nox App Player is installable on computers with latest Mac and Windows operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. While Nox is a great tool, it can struggle to boot up at times. Using BlueStacks, you can potentially avoid this if it is installed correctly.

Our take

Big Sur Update

This program is a great tool that gives you the ability to run almost any application on your computer. However, some bugs need to be resolved if it wants to perform better than other emulators for Mac in the market.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’ve ever wanted to play games or access the same tools you have on your mobile device, then this emulator is for you. The downside to this program is the occasional crashes and apps install slowly.


  • Reliable
  • Intuitive keyboard mapping
  • Simple interface


Nox Player Big Sur Map

  • Slow installation
  • Occasionally won’t start
  • Bugs out when loading heavy apps

Nox App Playerfor Mac

Nox Player Big Sur Free

Bonjour tous le monde,
Etant nouvelle arrivée parmi vous, je me permets de demander l'aide d'un vrai connaisseur de l'émulateur NoxPlayer !
En fait, j'ai souvent un souci concernant les jeux que j'installe qui ont un fichier OBB !
Je vais prendre l'exemple du jeu: 'The Hunt for the Lost Treasure' de Syntaxity
A priori, je copie bien ce fichier au bon endroit de Nox, et dans un dossier que je créé du non du jeu.
Une fois fait, je redémarre NoxPlayer MAIS, dés que je veux ouvrir le jeu en cliquant sur son icone, 1 fois sur 5, ça me dit 'erreur pas de License' !
Pourtant, quand je fais une recherche du fichier obb, il est bien dans:
A m'en arracher les cheveux !!!
J'ai beau faire des recherches sur google, regarder plusieurs tutos, des vidéos etc..., je galère toujours !
Soit je ne comprend pas cette histoire de fichier obb et je ne le place pas au bon endroit, soit mon NoxPlayer est très mal paramétrer, soit le fichier obb de ce jeu n'est pas bon ?!
Je ne sais pas !
Y aurait-il quelqu'un qui sache me faire un cours ou me donner une explication SIMPLE pour résoudre ce problème souvent récurrent ?
Un grand merci d'avance.
PS: Aussi, j'ai vu sur certaines vidéos que les utilisateurs avaient 'ES File Explorer' dans leur NoxPlayer !
Moi je ne l'ai pas, j'ai toujours fait sans !

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