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Nox App Player Nox App Player allows you to run Android apps on your PC it’s a free Android operating system emulator. Another version is also available for Mac. This application works by creating a virtual Android tablet on our desktop. Nox App Player For Mac is the name for the Android emulator which has become extremely popular these days. Nox player 6 is the latest version emulator and it is also called Nox Emulator or Nox Android emulator. Install the emulator on Mac Sierra or OS X with these simple steps given in this complete guide. Download el capitan for another mac.

Nox Player doesn”t just let you run Android apps on your Windows or Mac computer. It also comes with many useful settings and features such as gamepad support. Learn more by reading the review.

Nox App Player For MAC is an Android emulator that enables the users to play Android games on Windows PC and Mac. The player also increases the basic functions of games and applications and offers improved graphics. In short, it provides practical and effective expansion controls on the PC. How many MB is NOX Player? Nox consumes 344MB on your Windows PC hard drive and for Mac OS it cost 367MB of storage. The default configuration is unrooted but you can fix it as rooted from settings. You only have to go to settingsgeneralChoose On from the dropdown list of Rootand then click save changes and restart Nox. Nox App Player For Mac allows users to enjoy Android on Mac as well. Nox App Player Emulator you can use your Windows PC as a remote control for your Android or iOS phones and control the performance of your phone or tablet directly from your PC. Finally, Nox App Playe is a fascinating option to simulate how Android works with Virtual-Box. Nox player for Windows Mac operating systems. Nox player can directly download for Windows and Mac operating system versions. Now you can freely download this emulator directly from the internet and then it is easy to install Nox player on the PC. For the overall process, it takes a few seconds and it is available for a wide range of.

Customizable performance

Everyone can experience the performance of the latest Zenphone or Galaxy phones with Nox.

With the Nox emulator, you can create an Android virtual phone that has the same specs as high-end phones or better. The Android emulator lets you set the CPU and RAM of the program as well as the phone model of the program.


This feature is not only useful for running nearly any Android apps, but you can also use it to test your software on certain phones.

Noxious crashes

There is no problem starting up Nox and opening any games. But, the program will crash if there are too many things are happening within the game like so many enemies populating the screen. Sometimes the Android emulator will stop working for no reason.

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Personalized controls

You can connect nearly any gamepads that work on Windows or Mac computers such as the Xbox One controller, and PS4 Dual Shock 4. You can also map the touchscreen buttons to your gamepad buttons and analog input easily with the Nox Simulate Touchpad.

Nox lets you line up virtual pad buttons on the screen of a game or app. You can set the virtual pad buttons with your gamepad, keyboard, or mouse.

Where can you run this program?

The Nox App Player is available for computers running on the Windows (7,8,8.1, and 10), Linux and macOS.

Is there a better alternative?

BlueStacks is a good alternative to Nox when it comes to reliability. You can install the free version that contains ads and sponsored apps while the paid version removes both of them. The problem with this Android emulator is the slow launch. BlueStacks crashes often or takes a long time to load before it shows the app icons.

Our take

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How to use nox player on mac

The virtual pad buttons make it possible to play any games that do not support gamepads. What you need to expect while using Nox is the random crashes. The Android emulator will just freeze or stop working from time to time. Take note that this mostly happens while playing high-end games that take up too much CPU and RAM resources.

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Should you download it?

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Nox Player 5

Yes. Notwithstanding some crashes, Nox is highly reliable when it comes to emulating nearly any Android apps.

Nox app player download for mac

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Nox Player On Mac

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