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Today we are going to teach you how to change the Android version in NOX Player latest version – step by step , to enjoy the best Android games. Undoubtedly, NoxPlayer is a great emulator that will allow you to play Clash Royale on your PC for free and many other games without major difficulties, but it is best to have the latest version.

  • Aug 24, 2021 The perfect Android emulator. Supports keyboard, gamepad, script recording and multiple instances. Every feature is perfect for your gaming experience only. Open keyboard mapping only with one-click, get the real PC like gaming experience by setting the controls on keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. Run multiple instances at the same time to play.
  • Nox App Player is one of the best Android emulators that we have. We all know that this emulator allows us to install Android applications and games on Mac and Windows. Although the emulator came out late, it has everything to compete with Bix alternatives like Bluestacks, Andyroid, and Droid4x.

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  1. What is NOX Player and what does it offer us?
  2. How to install NOX Player latest version easily
  3. Update Android version from NOX Player
  4. What are the best alternatives to NOX Player?
    1. Memu
    2. Bluestacks
  5. How to change Android version in NOX Player latest version – step by step

What is NOX Player and what does it offer us?

Nox Player is a popular Android emulator for Windows, it offers us the possibility of managing Android applications from our desktop computer as if it were a mobile phone. It is fluid and easy to use, this emulator runs a version of Android 4.4.2 Kitkat that is still compatible with a wide variety of applications and has the Google Play Store installed.

How to install NOX Player latest version easily

If you don’t have the NoxPlayer emulator installed, all you have to do is go to the official NoxPlayer website . In this place you will find the option to download it, this will work for Windows, but if you want to download the emulator for Mac, you can also do it.

To start the download, just click on the “Download” button, which will allow you to download the complete emulator package in its latest version . The program weighs approximately 400 MB, so the download process should be relatively quick.

Natively the emulator will work in a stable version, so we may install the most modern one. Even so, if for some reason the classic version appears, you can use the guide shown above to make the change easily. On the other hand, when installing, you must be very vigilant, because in some versions you can specifically choose the Android you want to use.

Carrying out the previous process, you will have the NoxPlayer application installed correctly , undoubtedly a great emulator. In fact, many rate NoxPlayer as the best Android video game emulator out there. For this reason, if you are a gamer you should give it a try.

Update Android version from NOX Player

If you want to update the Android that Nox Player manages to be able to use more applications that are no longer compatible with version 4.4.2, what you should do is follow the following steps:

First you must go to the folder where Nox.exe is installed, that is, the program files. In this section you will see another application called ‘MultiPlayerManager.exe’ that you must run, here we can see a Nox multi-task manager, where the option ‘Add emulator’ is found, we select and a beta version of Android 7.1.2 will appear which we are going to execute.

From here a download process will start, once finished we can go to ‘system settings’ located at the top of the Nox Player and enter the general settings, where we can choose the Android update to run . After this process we can now enjoy our updated emulator.

What are the best alternatives to NOX Player?

While NoxPlayer is one of the best apps for playing Android games and running your apps, it is not the only option. For this reason, you should consider other options if NoxPlayer is not working properly.


Memu is a great option in case you have an old computer , as it is one of the lightest emulators. With this application you will be able to play without major problems the best titles available on the Android platform. To start downloading Memu, just go to the official Memu website , where you can download and install it.


Possibly the most famous Android emulator , undoubtedly a great option to play a large number of video games and run applications of this operating system. Remember, we also have a guide in which we teach you how to download the latest version of Bluestacks . Therefore, if NoxPlayer does not work on your computer, you can try Bluestacks, an excellent alternative.

At the same time, remember that it is possible to install Android Apps on a Mac PC with BlueStacks, being one of the most recommended options if you have an Apple computer.

How to change Android version in NOX Player latest version – step by step

If you already have the NoxPlayer application installed, the process to use the latest version of Android is very simple. It will only be necessary to make a few configurations to have the program running with a more modern version of the system.

Therefore, if you have NoxPlayer installed, all you have to do is go to the folder where you installed the software. For this, just right click on the direct link from your desktop to the application. There, look for the Properties option and then click on “Open location”.

The explorer will direct you to the folder where the software is installed, just look for the “MultiPlayerManager” program. Right click on it and select “Run as administrator.” Doing so will display the options to add a new version of the emulator.

Click on the option “Add formulator” , when you do the above, NoxPlayer will show you various options. Introducing you from old Android versions to the most recent ones. This will depend on your computer, but if you want the latest version, it is best if you have a good team.

Once you have selected the version you want, the download process will begin, wait until it finishes. Now, select the small arrow-shaped icon, which will allow you to create a shortcut to boot from this version of Android.

Nox player alternative for mac torrent

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Are you in love with Bluestacks? We all know Bluestacks app player is the best way to run Android apps on both Mac and Windows PC. But this Android emulator has its downside that makes us look for Bluestacks app player alternatives. Here, in this guide, we will list the top 10 Bluestacks alternatives for Windows and Mac.

Best Bluestacks Alternatives To Run Android Apps On PC

1. Remix OS Player

This Android emulator is different from Bluestacks for Windows emulator. Remix OS Player replaces your PC OS to provide desktop experience. A portable USB or hard disk can be used to install this Bluestacks app player alternative.

Further, Remix OS Player Bluestacks alternative offers a slew of features that include native Google Play support, signal strength manual settings, button mapping and more. It helps run Android apps on Windows and Mac OS.

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2. Nox App Player

Nox app player is another top Bluestacks for Windows alternative loaded with features. This Android emulator is designed specifically for gamers. Moreover, it comes with Google Play installed.


This Bluestacks alternative stands out for its root access feature. Nox runs on AMD chips this means you can use any app on it. Therefore it is considered as one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks app player. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Further, this alternative to Bluestacks for PC comes with an option to simulate touch or gestures and gives an option to record screen. You can also alter the amount of FPS CPU cores or the quantity of RAM.


Third, on our list of top Bluestacks emulator is AMIDuOS. This Android emulator is swift, crisp, light and easy to use. Moreover, its virtualization technology is very impressive. If you are looking for an alternative to Bluestacks for Windows, you can consider AMIDuOS. It supports both AMD and Intel CPUs.

4. Andy

You might have heard about Andy Android Emulator as it was launched when apps like Bluestacks were gaining popularity. This simple Bluestacks like emulator allows you to use apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and others while playing games.

Andy is like Bluestacks app player. It allows you to install any Android app and use it as a game controller. This Bluestacks alternative features multi-touch support to provide access to the local file system, sensor integration, app sync for mobile, etc. This Bluestacks alternative is based on Android JellyBean 4.2.2.

5. GenyMotion

Another best alternative to Bluestacks for Windows is GenyMotion. It supports features like hardware acceleration, OpenGl and others. This Bluestacks alternative is free to use, it provides a chance to test Beta apps. Further, using this one of the best alternatives to Bluestacks you can install your favorite Android apps without having an Android phone.

Installing GenyMotion is simple, choose the Android version, check for app compatibility and you are all set.

Nox Player Alternative For Mac

6. KoPlayer

Unlike Bluestacks for Windows, this Android emulator focuses on mobile gaming. It is based on Android Kit Kat version 4.4 and installing it is very simple. KoPlayer is a relatively new Android emulator yet has managed to make a mark of its own.

7. YouWave

Want to get Android experience on your Windows PC? Buckle up YouWave, Bluestacks alternative is calling you. It is one of the popular Bluestacks for Windows alternatives. YouWave supports multiplayer online games, has an app store that helps to get applications.

8. MEmu

Another upcoming Bluestacks alternative is MEmu. This Bluestacks app player alternative support both AMD and Intel chipsets. With MEmu you can run multiple instances at a time this makes it one of the few emulators to go as large as Lollipop.

9. Droid4x Official

Droid4x official is another remarkable Bluestacks alternative that allows users to use Android apps on PC. Using this Bluestacks like app you can use any of your favorite Android apps. Droid4x official works with touchscreen PC it is free to use and can be easily downloaded from the official site.

One of the best features of this Bluestacks app like player is it allows you to download Android app directly using Bluestacks.

10. Dolphin

How To Use Nox On Mac

Last on our list of top alternatives to Bluestacks is Dolphin. This Android emulator is free to use and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an open-source Android emulator that makes playing GameCube games easy.

How To Uninstall Nox Player Mac

One of the best features of Dolphin is its ability of action replay. It allows you to record all rival moments to avoid any cheating.

When it comes to apps like Bluestacks we face difficulty in deciding which one to choose. Bluestacks is the best app for Windows. But there are other alternatives worth considering. We recommend you download the trial version of these Bluestacks app player alternatives and decide for yourself which one you would like to use.

So, this was the list of top 10 Best Bluestacks alternatives we bet you cannot find better options. However, if you use a better emulator do let us know in the comments section. This will help us to share it with our readers.

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