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Nox App Player For Mac is the name for the Android emulator which has become extremely popular these days. An emulator is a computer application that simulates the entire Android ecosystem onto a computer such as Mac or Windows. It also lets you access all the Android applications. The users love it as they can access the apps on computer and interact with them using mouse and keyboard. Developers love emulators as it allows them to test their app on a computer.


Nox App Player is built upon Android KitKat and Jellybean. It has built-in support for Google Play Store, allowing you to access any official app you want. You may also install third-party apps using APK files or the third-party app stores. In this article we will learn how to install Nox Player for Mac. Keep reading!

Nox Oxides Of Nitrogen

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How to Download & Install Nox App Player For Mac

I am excited to share this guide with you that will help you get Nox for Mac. You will find that installing Nox App Player for Mac is incredibly easy and straightforward.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the installation process.

Download Nox App Player For Mac

To get this emulator you will need to download Nox for Mac installer file first. It is the file with the DMG extension. Here is how you can download it:

  1. Open any web browser on your Mac computer and visit the following link
  2. Locate the Download button and click on it

    Download Mac Version

  3. If you see any prompt, hit the appropriate button to continue with the installation
  4. Save the file at the desired location (it may also go to the default download location)

Install Nox Player 6 on Mac

Now you can install Nox Emulator for Mac using the DMG installer file we downloaded. On some computers the installation process starts right after downloading the file. In some cases, it does not. So, here is the manual process:

  1. Go to the location where you have downloaded the DMG file
  2. Double click the file to run it and to start the installation
  3. Grant all the required permission so that you may proceed with the installation process
  4. Agree to the terms of service and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process

Within a few minutes you will have Nox Player for Mac installed and ready for use.

Box Osx

Please note that you will need to sign in with your Google ID to use Nox.

Virtual Box Osx


Nox Osx

If you want to access the Android applications on your Mac computer, Nox for Mac is the best option. You may have heard of BlueStacks as well and if you have used it, you may have noticed it is slow. Nox is better performing and smoothly runs all the apps on your computer. Using the above steps, you can easily complete the Nox for Mac download and installation. You can then sign in to it using Google ID and enjoy all your favorite Android apps on the bigger screen.

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