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  1. Hi, you can't install the native Mac port of Nox App Player? Because I have it on my Mac(OS Sierra), works good, but sometimes crashes.
  2. Nox Android Emulator for Mac. The overall procedure to download Nox Player is pretty simple. Just follow the below process to install Nox App on your Mac books. Follow this link to download Nox App Player for Mac. Nox for mac is free to download and you would be able to play high end android games easily on your mac. Nox app player allows you.

Nox App Player Stuck At 99 Mac With this emulator app you will be able to running Tecarta Bible into your Windows 7, 8, 10 Laptop. And even install android app on your MAC OSx PC Go to this Bluestacks download page or NOX App Download Page to get the emulator. How to Download and Install Nox Player for Mac OS. Click the provided NoxPlayer for MAC link to obtain the installer file. Navigate to the folder where the file has been downloaded/saved. Locate the installer and click on it to execute. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. After the installation is complete, log into the.

In this guide, we will show you How to Download and Install Nox App Player for PC Windows and Mac.


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Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a powerful Android emulator that gives users an amazing Android experience right on their Windows or Mac computers. It works seamlessly on PC by creating a virtual environment of the latest android software, allowing users to install and run their favorite android apps and games.

Nox Player offers full optimization, control customization, a smooth gaming experience, and keyboard mapping capabilities, amongst many other features. Nox emulator can be downloaded for free and used without hidden charges. The app also supports several third party controller devices such as joysticks, etc. Nox is compatible with installation on Windows 7 and onwards, and yes even Windows 10.

Features of Nox App Player

Let’s have a look at some of the features that make Nox a user favorite:

  • It is fast with no lags or constant freezing. You can expect the performance of a flagship device on this emulator.
  • It has the highest performance statistics when compared to others available in the market.
  • Nox is built around the Android 4.4.2 Kernel and supports X86 and AMD processors.
  • Nox has a really good response time as well and this shows in its performance and stability. That means no waiting around for your action to get a response.
  • Because of its responsiveness and performance, it makes for a very powerful gaming experience. You can play any high performance games on this emulator, which your phone supports or might not support.
  • It also comes with some pre-installed apps like its own File Manager, Camera, and Facebook Lite among others.
  • One more feature this emulator has is the shaking/vibration feedback. This means you get all the shakes and vibrations during gaming and other functions.
  • As it is an Android emulator, it has all the basic elements like Play Store and Browsers.

You can get to experience more features of this application after you install and see it first hand. Now let’s get to the installation part which is easy.

System Requirements

Nox Player For Mac M1

Nox Player requires the following minimum configurations to run error-free and smoothly:

  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM.
  • A 2.2 GHz processor or more.
  • 1 GB storage is available in the installation path and 1.5 GB storage available in the Hard Drive.
  • Dedicated 1 GB of graphics card or inbuilt graphics memory.

Download Nox App Player

Nox is available as both offline and online versions. This means it only differs in the installation process. The online version will be a small sized file that would Download Nox and its components via the internet during installation. The offline version would be a relatively large file that would have no requirement of an internet connection during installation.

Latest Versionv6.6.0.5
Size378 MB (Windows), 388MB (Mac)
Supported SystemWindows (10/8/7) and Mac OS
License TypeFree
Windows Offline Download LinkNoxPlayer (Full Package)
Windows Online Download LinkNoxPlayer (Online)
Mac Download LinkNoxPlayer

How to Install Nox Player on PC Windows 10/8/7

After downloading the installation file, setting up Nox Player is quite easy. Here are the steps to install it:

  • When you launch the .exe installer an installation window will show up with the “Install” button. Click on the Install button.
  • The total installation time depends on the kind of installation method. The offline version takes 2-4 minutes to install. The online version has to download everything and will take its time depending on your internet speed.
  • After the installer finishes finalizing things, it will show a screen where you have to click on the “Start” button.
  • After clicking on the Start button, it will load the emulator which would take a couple of minutes to load.
  • Once the loading process is over, you can see the Nox App player main screen with some icons. You will be able to see the File Manager, Play Store, and other basic apps. This can vary from version to version.
  • Setup or login to the Google Play Store app to setup your account properly. This is required by the Android ecosystem to work properly and use all the services and apps.
  • After entering your details for registration or login, click the big arrow you see on the bottom right. Then follow the instructions displayed to finalize your account setup.

That’s it for installation and you can use Nox Player like you would use any Android smartphone. If you’re having downloaded .apk files, you can just install them by copying into the emulator and accessing the file manager. If you wish to see a demo, Here we have installed Kinemaster for PC using Nox. Nox App Player is a feature-packed emulator with a lot of uses. Copy files from your PC to the emulator or simply access them using the file manager.

How to install Nox Player on Mac

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install the Nox player on a Mac.

  • Open the Official Nox Website.
  • Click on the Download button for the Mac-supported DMG format and wait for the app to download.
  • Double click on the Nox DMG File and agree with the Nox terms and conditions.
  • Drag the Nox app player towards Applications to copy the app in your application list.
  • Another window will automatically open In the Nox player and display all your apps.
  • Now you can select and run any android app on your Mac.

How to install APK in Nox App Player?

There are three ways to go about installing APK files in the Nox player. First, Start the Nox App Player, open the Google Play Store, search for the games or apps you wish to install and click the install button. The second option is to download your desired APK file to your PC, then drag and drop to install on the Nox App Player window and Another option is double click the APK file on your computer and Nox App Player will be activated and start installing the game/app automatically.

Nox App Player Alternative

  • BlueStacks

This Nox player alternative is a free Android emulator designed to allow users to enjoy mobile applications and games on their Windows and Mac PC by formatting these apps to make them compatible with personal computers. Available in 48 languages and boasting of over 200 million users, the BlueStacks app is a delight to many users.

  • MEmu

This Nox player alternative is a free Android Emulator that allows users to run mobile apps on their PC. It offers users the luxury of optimized graphics and extreme frame rates, which enhances game performance and culminates into a superb experience. The MEmu emulator supports a high level of compatibility, customization, and organization and only works for Windows PC as there is no version of MEmu currently available for Mac.

  • GameLoop

This Nox Player alternative is an Android emulator offered by Tencent that focuses on allowing users to access mobile games on their Windows and Mac PC. This emulator supports numerous Tencent game titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc. The app also allows for better optimization for games and even enables users to download games. It is a top-rated emulator app used for the popular battle royale F2P game PUBG MOBILE.

  • Andy

This Nox Player alternative allows users to seamlessly connect their mobile device to their PC in a virtual environment. This configuration is ideal for gaming because, with Andy, users can use their mobile device as a joystick. It gives users access to unlimited storage capacity in the cloud and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The app also supports the use of other apps, such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

Nox vs BlueStacks

Nox: While the Nox Player is similar in functionality to the BlueStacks emulator, there are some differences in performance and optimization. The Nox emulator has an advantage over BlueStacks in the aspect of speed, ease of use, and support of rooted devices.

Another reason why the Nox player is a huge delight is its keyboard mapping system with extra features that allow for better user configuration. The app also supports a multiplayer mode that allows users to own multiple accounts and play different games simultaneously. This emulator also gives users the extra benefits of high-quality graphics for games and applications and is well suited for a host of other apps.

BlueStacks: This is a very prominent Android emulator because it works seamlessly and gets regular updates. This Android emulator is preloaded with apps from the Google Play Store and also allows users to install APK files directly. Some exciting features of the BlueStacks include keyboard/mouse mapping, which improves gaming performance, sync of apps between mobile phones and Windows, and supports the movement of files between Windows and BlueStacks. The performance of BlueStacks differs from computer to computer and usually requires at least 4GB of RAM, unlike Nox, which requires at least 3GB.

Nox Player For Windows 10


What is Nox App Player

The Nox App Player is an Android emulator that allows users to run all of their Android apps and games right on their personal computers.

How to use Nox App Player

Once you download and install the Nox app player, you can either download apps directly from it or download the app on your PC and drag it to install in the Nox app player.

How to update Nox App Player

To update the NoxPlayer, click on settings. On the general settings page, click on “check for updates” and select “official website to download.” Now click on the download icon, open the downloaded file, and select “overwrite install.” Then click on “Start,” and the nox app player will be updated.

How to speed up Nox App Player

  • Make sure the Computer configuration matches NoxPlayer.
  • When using NoxPlayer, turn off all other programs.
  • Lower the NoxPlayer configuration.
  • Remove excess tabs in multitasking interface.
  • Make the best use of the power of graphics cards.
  • Enable the Virtual Technology (VT) setting.
  • Go to Nox settings > Advanced > Direct X

How to uninstall Nox App Player

Go to Start Menu > Programs and Features. Then find the Nox App Player and click on it. Now click the “Uninstall/Change” button and select Uninstall.



Nox Emulator not only serves the purpose of a powerful emulator but a great gaming tool. This is sole because of Android, as an open source Operating System offers a lot of games from both Play Store and your personal apps. You can use it for testing the apps you design and check if the code is running properly before deploying it to your phone or the Play Store. You can depend on this emulator for smoothness and working as a powerful smartphone. Yes, it requires a considerable or average PC processing power, to run smoothly.

But, considering that it has been designed and created to run smoothly should also guarantee smooth performance if your PC just crosses the minimum requirements. Additionally, like all emulators, it is a good idea to get a hang of how you can dedicate your keyboard to operate inside the emulator. In the case of touchscreen PCs, it shouldn’t be any problem. So, happy gaming and happy testing, in case of doubts let us know below in the comments.

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