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There are a lot of Android emulators for your PC (Windows/Mac). If you search for IOS emulators you get a few names. We have made your task easier by gathering the best iOS emulators. These emulators are going to be useful for gamers or app developers. If you are looking for a good iOS simulator that lets you to run iPhone apps on laptops or desktops then keep reading.

One of our favorite iOS emulators on the market is App.io. The app is free and it is very easy to use. The interface is so simple that it can be used by almost anyone. The App.io is available on both platforms; you can use it as iOS emulator for Mac and for Windows. You can run App Inventor on a Mac but the companion has to run on IPhone or iPad. I guess if you want to run iOS apps on your mac you will have to use an emulator. This is an iOS emulator for mac where it allows user to directly launch their app from the Xcode project. What sets this apart from other iPhone emulators and simulators for Windows or Mac is the ability to test web apps by accessing Safari within Xcode. Electric Mobile Studio Photo by ElectricPlum.

6 Best IOS Emulators

As per our list, we have included free and paid iOS emulators, with detailed information about their features.


This emulator is available for free and even you can purchase its premium version. It has a very simple interface. This emulator is very useful for app developers.

To install an app you just need a public key. The iPhone 5s and all its further versions can access this emulator even the iPad and iPod. It offers the users 100 minutes of usage in a month. Also, you can monitor your free period usage and set an alert before it reaches the end. To take advantage of more features you can switch to the premium version of Appetize.io


This emulator is very smooth and works faster. It has been built-in for testing purposes. Get’s access to various devices and screen sizes as per the iOS. You are not allowed to install any random app, for that you require a source code.

For mac, it comes with an app simulator for iOS, watch/iMessage/tvOS.This Xcode is free for download, and one of the best apps for mac users and developers.

Electric Mobile Studio

This emulator gives you a web kit and chrome debugging tool so you can test your web apps. You get a full-fledged emulation for IOS devices and other applications. It also contains the ability to use the same product on two different machines.

Hot-Key navigations key for mapping the favorite shortcuts. Electric Mobile Studio emulator allows you a 7 days free trial and then you can go for a paid version. This is the best emulator for all windows users.


This emulator has a very simple but attractive interface. It’s the best emulator for all the windows web developers, for testing the IOS applications.

You get free and the paid version of this emulator. Smartface is the perfect alternative for the ipadian emulator.


The Testflight is a great emulator for beta testing before heading towards the final rollout for all the app users. This emulator is now owned by apple. For the developer’s support for testing their apps like IOS, iMessage/tv/watchOS.

Ios App Emulator For Mac

You must have an app store distribution profile. Also, you are not allowed to download any random application. TestFlight is free for download.



One of the known web-based emulators. At first, this emulator was been used by enterprise users but now every individual can use it. This emulator is run or managed by the iPhone jailbreak scenes people.

Iphone Emulator For Macbook

This tool is a little bit hard to handle, just because of some security reasons. Corellium emulator has different paid plans.

Ios Simulator For Mac

All these IOS emulators are a bit different from the Android emulators. All these emulators generally focus on app development. If you are a beginner or new app developer then you can use all the above emulators for practice purposes.

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