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Genymotion is a company (and product) that run Android OS on a virtual machine to simulate android runtime with some basic apps the naked OS comes with. By default, it doesn’t have Google services and APIs installed or enabled but it can be installable on top of the naked Android OS you install from the images you can pick and download from. Genymotion Mac Key Features. Genymotion offers the ability to access all versions of Android. It can be emulated with more than 40 Android devices. Develop your applications in the best quality with the best performance. This software works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Simulate with over 3000 configurations of virtual devices.

If you are a windows user and want the Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 or any version then this article for you. Android is the most used operating system on mobiles. If you are making any software or application of Android then you should have an Android Emulator. Also, if you want to play a game of an android OS on Windows 10, then you must have a Best Android Emulator for Windows 10.

In this article, I am going to give you 6 Best Android Emulator for Windows 10. This 6 Android Emulator gives you the Best interface of Android on your PC. You can do anything on your windows with the help of these Android Emulators. These 6 Emulators are the Best Android Emulators ever. I have also described each Emulator in Detail so that you can use any of these Emulators very easily and as your demand. You have to just read the details of the Emulator for gaining the knowledge of this emulator.

Best Android Emulator for Windows 10

There are so many Android Emulators are present at that time on the internet and in the market. It is difficult to find the best and genuine Android Emulator at this time. But you have to no need to worry because all the Emulators are the best android emulators that are available on this list. Just read the details and features of emulators then choose the one which is best for you and which can fulfill your conditions.

Bluestacks the Android Emulator

Bluestacks is first in the list of Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 because of its features. The Bluestacks Emulator is in high demand of gamers. Because of its UI design, it gives the best interface for Android devices on Windows 10. Software engineers and professional app developers use this Emulator most for testing purposes. The Bluestacks Android Emulator gives you the best features. Let’s see the features of the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  1. The BlueStacks is free for use in Windows and macOS. You can use the BlueStacks App Player for free of cost. You don’t need to pay for it, just download and use it for your work and gaming.
  2. BlueStacks Android Emulator works in all the versions of windows and macOS also. You can use this Emulator in any version of windows.
  3. In the BlueStacks you can play your applications fast and on full screen.
  4. You can feel the real Android phone in the full screen of Windows by using BlueStack and by using its features.
  5. You can install up to 26 or more apps and test them or play in BlueStacks.

If you want to download this Android Emulator then just click on the Bluestacks App Player.

Andy the Android Emulator

Andy is one of the finest Android Emulator presents on the internet. This Android Emulator gives you complete access to the Android Operating system on your Windows and macOS also. Andy Android Emulator has the Oracle virtual machine. It also has an installation package. You can use it for high-level games and testing of high-level applications because there are very low chances of crashing in it. Let’s talk about the features of Andy Android Emulator.

  1. You can bring the entertainment and communication mobile apps on your PC with the help of Andy Android Emulator.
  2. In Andy Android Emulator, you can also test the application with the seamless sync between PC and mobile devices.
  3. You can also Enable app download from the desktop browser direct to Andy OS.
  4. Andy gives you complete access to an android device and you can use all the features of android on the desktop by emulating the Andy Android Emulator.
  5. It is also free of cost. You no need to pay for the Andy Android Emulator and it works well in all the versions of windows.

If you want this Android Emulator on your PC then you have to click on Andy the Android Emulator to download this Emulator.

Nox player the Android Emulator

Nox player is another android Emulator in the list of Best Android Emulator for Windows 10. This Android Emulator is the highly demand Android Emulator on the internet for playing games. Nox player is a safe and secure Android Emulator. Nox player the Android Emulator allows you to use the many amazing features which are available on this player. So let’s see the features of the Nox player.

  1. Nox player is the free Android Emulator and you can access the android Operating system on Windows or macOS.
  2. On Nox player, you can play the multi-games at one time. You can also use multiple apps at one time. This is the best feature of this Android Emulator.
  3. Nox player gives you access to keyboard control and gamepad control for playing a game.
  4. Nox player is more stable and smoother to play the game of android in PC.
  5. This is the safest android emulator for playing the game and for testing of the android applications.

These are the features of the Nox player and now if you want to download the Android Emulator then just click on the Nox player.

Genymotion the Android Emulator

Genymotion is the best Android Emulator for Android app developers. This Android Emulator had so many amazing features for the testing of Android apps. Genymotion takes the charges for using this Android Emulator. Genymotion is a Cloud-based Android virtual device. This android emulator gives you everything in one place. So let’s see the features of Genymotion the Android Emulator.

  1. Genymotion gives you the first 60 minutes free of cost. You can use it for free in the first 60 minutes.
  2. It has a cloud-based Android virtual device. This virtual device will help you to run your app on your website easily.
  3. The Genymotion offers you different plans for the subscription of their emulator.
  4. Genymotion gives you complete interaction with the screen of your virtual device in a web browser. You do not need to install any type of plugin.
  5. This Emulator is best for professional android app developers. Who has the advanced work of testing the android apps then you can use it.
  6. Genymotion is best in Android Emulator and also this emulator is the safest and secure emulator ever-present on the internet.

These are the main features of this Android Emulator. Now you can try this Emulator on your PC. So just click on the Genymotion Android Emulator to download this Emulator.

GenymotionGenymotion Macos

This Android Emulator is for those who are pro in their work. If you are pro in your game or your work then you can face the problem of the off-screen window. And many problems like that you can solve easily by just reading this article How to move a Window that is off Screen.

Phoenix OS the Android Emulator

Phoenix OS is also the best alternative to the android operating system. You can feel the complete environment of the Android operating system on your desktop, PC, or any large screen device. It also has amazing features like others. This is a normal Android Emulator, Phoenix OS is best for both app developers and gamers. Let’s see the features of this Android Emulator.

  1. Phoenix OS works well in both Windows and macOS. You can use this Android Emulator on both of the operating systems it gives you the same feel as an android mobile device on a big screen.
  2. This Android Emulator is also free for use. You can download it and use it for free. You don’t need to pay for it.
  3. Phoenix is highly recommended and also reviewed Emulator by the cannon.
  4. The main function of this Phoenix OS is to create the bootable disk so that Android can be run as a dedicated operating system.

If you like the features of Phoenix OS and now you want to download it then you have to click on Phoenix OS.

Genymotion Macos Catalina

Remix OS Player the Android Emulator

Genymotion Macos

Remix OS Player is also the best Android Emulator on the list. This android emulator has many amazing features like the rest of the others. Remix OS Player is very easy and best for installation. The installation process of this android emulator is very easy. Let’s see the features of this Remix OS player the Android Emulator.

  1. This Android Emulator is quite easy to use and very stable and runs very smoothly.
  2. Remix OS player is best for those who like productivity in their works.
  3. The Remix OS player does not have too many features but it comes with perfection.

Www.genymotion.comGenymotion – Android Emulator For App Testing Cross-platform ...

In the comparison of others, it is a less recommended android emulator but it has its amazing features so it is best when you are a beginner in your field.

If you want to try this Emulator then just click on the Remix OS Player. You can download it and try this Android Emulator.


Important Information

In this article, we covered the best Android Emulators which are best for android app testing and gamers. You can choose any of this Emulator for your work. If you are a gamer then don’t burn your mobile phones just use this emulator and play the game on a big screen with the same android feeling. You can become a pro player by using this emulator.

If you are an android app developer then this emulator is the best choice for you. You can test your android apps ultimately by using this emulator. This Emulator can give you the same environment of the Android operating system on your desktop, PC, or tablet also. These are some Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 you can use emulators for macOS also. These emulators work well on both operating systems macOS and Windows.

Question or issue on macOS:

Download Genymotion For Mac

I updated from Mavericks to Yosemite and now I can’t use any Genymotion device anymore.
You can see the devices in Eclipse, but when you want to run an application you can’t select one of these devices.

I’ve already re-installed Eclipse, Genymotion and Virtualbox…

The Genymotion Virtual Devices Manager shows a Nexus 5 which is stated ‘On’

Genymotion osx install

When I want to run my application, there is no Nexus 5..

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

This is a bug in eclipse – OSX yosemite, what you need to do is in the Android Device Chooser Window, try to RESIZE THE SERIAL NUMBER TAB and you will see the genymotion emulator that is running

If you don’t see it, or the Android Device Chooser Window doesn’t appear, check three things before running again:

  1. Developer Options is enabled from settings (by repeated touching 7
    times the build number in about phone), even though developer
    options is available in the list of apps in genymotion emulator
  2. In Settings>Security, make sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled
  3. Go to Run Configuration (for Android app), select the Target Tab, Enable Always prompt to pick device and hit apply.

Additionally I downloaded the jar files from Genymotion Download Page manually and replaced it in the plugin folder of eclipse.


FYI, a bug has been opened in AOSP’s issue tracker.

At bottom of this page, there is a link to ‘Vote for this issue’

Solution no. 2:

I can resolve this problem by connect a real device one time.

Solution no. 3:

Please scroll down and see list of devices which is connected to ADB.

Solution no. 4:

I had a similar issue, but my problem was that the emulated device was running Android 4.3 (SDK version 18), but the app had android:minSdkVersion='19' so since no compatible device was found the list was empty.

Double check your emulated device version, and the minSdkVersion number, to make sure it’s compatible.

Genymotion Desktop Does Not Work Since I Upgraded To MacOs ...

Hope this helps!

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