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Watermarking images before uploading them online can bring you multiple benefits. No matter if you’re a professional or amateur photographer, blogger or a design artist, adding a watermark to your original photos can turn out to be an inspired decision.

Single Mode - Watermark on each photo can be separately adjusted with different position. Auto snap watermark to photo/objects. Quickly place watermark on photos with the relative controller. Automatically fit watermarks to different size of the photos. PhotoBulk is an easy-to-use photo watermark software for Mac. The app comes with a modern and intuitive design, with real-time preview and with all the main functions located on the left side of the interface. Speaking of the main functions, this Mac app allows you to a perform a couple of operations such as watermarking, resizing, optimizing. UMark is an outstanding photo watermark software that supports you for adding visible watermarks on multiple images at a time. Apart from using this app for watermarking on images in Mac devices, you can utilize the same on a windows system. As this software is absolutely free to use, you can add watermarks to even hundreds of images once.

First of all, because it’s a solid way to protect your images. Adding a text or logo on your pictures lets everybody know those pictures represent your intellectual property and can’t be further used unless you give your stamp of approval.

Second of all, it’s a great way to boost your business marketing. Having a text with your name or website or a brand logo on images will help you increase your visibility, build a stronger online presence and drive important traffic back to your website.

If you’re looking to protect or promote your original work, you’re in the right place. Below you can find a list of 10 apps for Mac created to help you watermark your images with ease.


BatchPhoto is a watermark app for Mac designed with batch processing capabilities. The app is powerful enough to handle dozens or hundreds of images at once, but this is not its only strong point. In addition it is also quite easy to use thanks to its three-step wizard. All you have to do is add your pictures, make the necessary edits and select the output format and folder. Then the app will automatically apply all your edits to the entire batch of photos.

With BatchPhoto you can add both text and logo marks and gain complete control over their appearance. The tool gives you total freedom to customize them by adjusting their placement, size and rotation, by changing the opacity or by choosing from a wide range of font styles and colors. The app provides a live preview option, which allows you to see in real time the adjustments made.

BatchPhoto isn’t only about watermarking. In fact it’s got a wide array of features to cover the photo editing process. You can resize, convert (RAW support), automatically crop or rotate photos, add the date and time from the EXIF record, retouch your photos by adjusting the contrast, brightness, saturation or sharpness, as well as apply special effects to them. To gain precious time and energy, you can save your frequently-used settings for later use.


PhotoMarks is an efficient solution to batch watermark images on Mac. The app comes with a clean and clear interface that makes the entire process fast and easy. Just drag and drop your photos, apply the desired edits and select the format and where you want your new pictures to be saved.

As far as watermarking goes, PhotoMarks places at your disposal fully customizable text and logo marks. This means you get to select the preferred position, resize it or rotate it to a certain degree, apply a tile mode, adjust the transparency, choose from various fonts and colors or apply special effects like stroke, shadow and bounding box. In the same session you can also batch rename, resize, rotate or convert your photos, as well as decorate them with graphical frames.

In order to help you boost your productivity, the app places at your disposal the useful option of saving your widely-used operations as Profiles. This way you can just load them later in other sessions, without having to go through the same editing process.

PhotoMarks also has an mobile version if you’re looking to watermark photos on iPhone or iPad.

iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro places at your disposal 11 types of watermarks to choose from. In order to protect and advertise your work, among others you can opt for a logo, text, your own signature, vector graphics or perhaps a QR code. There’s also an option to insert a StegoMark. Unlike the others, this is an invisible type of watermark that enables you to embed private data like your name, address or website into the picture data itself.

If you’re looking to add a visible mark, iWatermark Pro gives you the possibility to customize it according to your own preferences. You can control the position of the mark, its size and rotation, set the transparency or apply special effects like aqua, shadow or emboss. Once you’ve finished with your touch-ups, the app enables you to directly share the newly-edited pictures on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter or via email.


PhotoBulk is an easy-to-use photo watermark software for Mac. The app comes with a modern and intuitive design, with real-time preview and with all the main functions located on the left side of the interface. Speaking of the main functions, this Mac app allows you to a perform a couple of operations such as watermarking, resizing, optimizing or converting photos in bulk.

As far as watermarking is concerned, PhotoBulk places at your disposal various types to select from: text, logo, script or perhaps date stamp. No matter what you end up choosing, you can make diverse adjustments to your marks to match your individual style. Truly useful is the fact that you can save your commonly-used settings as presets and just load them in future projects to be more efficient.

Watermark PRO

Watermark PRO offers all the basic features required from such a program. The app is fairly easy to use and places at your disposal four types of marks to add to your images: text, logo, QR codes and maps. All of them are customizable, which means you can position them anywhere you want, scale and rotate them, choose the preferred font size, style and color, change their opacity, add shadows or blend modes.

Besides watermarking, this Mac tool can rename, resize, convert images or create a PDF document from multiple photos in the same session. You can additionally select from six presets if you want to insert line art over your pics. It’s also worth mentioning that Watermark Pro lets you save your current settings as templates and use them later in order to improve your workflow.

Mass Watermark

Mass Watermark is designed to ensure a quick and efficient protection of your images. The app lets you add an existing text or logo watermark to an entire folder of photos, but it also comes with an in-built watermark designer to help you design from scratch your own mark. There are options to add text and logo marks to your pictures and customize them with regard to various parameters.

In addition to protecting your work, Mass Watermark can help you further optimize your photos by resizing, rotating or cropping them in bulk. You can improve the general aspect of your images by adjusting basic settings such as brightness, contrast or RGB color and by applying diverse artistic effects. When you’re satisfied with how your pictures look, there’s an option to directly share them on Flickr.

TSR Watermark Image

If you don’t know how to watermark photos on Mac, TSR Watermark Image comes with a modern and simple interface that eases you into the whole process. Basically all that’s required is to open your images into the program, add the desired watermark in the second step and then hit the Export button. That’s all there is to it.

The program allows you to insert any type of text or a logo as a watermark, as well as 3D type of mark. No matter what you choose, you can make various adjustments to your mark. For that purpose you can move it around and rotate it, change the opacity, play around with fonts and colors or apply special effects like a border for instance. Once you’re done editing, you can directly upload your pictures to WordPress.


uMark is another solution to consider if you need to watermark multiple images on Mac. The app doesn’t come with the sleekest interface out there, but it’s fairly easy to use and powerful enough to process multiple files at the same time. You can protect and promote your photography using the standard text and logo marks, but you can also resort to more modern elements like QR codes or various shapes which you can fill with solid or gradient colors.

uMark lets you customize your watermark as you please. In that sense you can place them exactly where you want, rotate and scale them, repeat them horizontally or vertically across the photo, select from a wide range of fonts, styles and colors, adjust the transparency level or add shadows for an artistic effect. To improve your workflow, the tool enables you to save your commonly-used marks and simply retrieve them later.


Sizerox isn’t a tool particularly developed for watermarking, but it does carry out this task without problems. The app is pretty simplistic and comes with certain quirks (you can save your newly-edited images only in the JPEG format), but it does allow you to protect or promote your original content.

When it comes to watermarking, Sizerox enables you to add both text and logo marks to your pics. You can control their placement and size, set the transparency and select the desired font type, size and color. Other available features include options to rename, resize, crop or rotate images in bulk.

Bulk Photo Watermark

Bulk Photo Watermark is our final alternative for Mac users who need to add a watermark to photos. This app gives you the opportunity to insert any type of text you want, a logo, QR code or map as a mark and do some customization with regard to the position, rotation or fonts. Unfortunately you can’t adjust the transparency of your watermark. However there’s an option to save your settings for later use.

The watermark is always a headache when you record the screen to:

  1. Make a demonstration video for your software.
  2. Capture gameplay highlights either for sharing or archiving.
  3. Present technical issues to a support team.
  4. Create instructional videos when teaching students in distance.
  5. Share informative hacks on YouTube and Facebook.
  6. Save live streaming videos for watching later.
  7. ...

To dig out a free screen recorder no watermark, you may have tried tons of programs recommended in most articles. But most of them either charge you money to remove watermarks or have video length limits. Since knowing that free screen recorders (no watermark) are in great demand, we've made a well-rounded test on these best screen recorders on the market, and finally found the 15 Best screen recording tools (100% free and no watermark).


1. What is the best screen recorder without watermark for Windows 10, 8, 7?

VideoProc Converter, XBox Game Bar (Windows 10 only), CamStudio, ShareX, ScreenRec, FonePaw.

2. What is the best free screen recorder with no water mark on Mac?

QuickTime Player, OBS (macOS 10.13 +), VideoProc Converter, Panopto Screen Recorder.

3. What is the best screen recorder no watermark no time limit no lag?

VideoProc Converter, OBS, ShareX, Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder, AceThink Free Screen Recorder Online.

4. What is the best screen recorder with a zoom-in feature?

Camtasia (paid), VideoProc Converter, Bandicam, CamStudio, Xsplit Broadcaster (paid).

1. VideoProc Converter

As one of the watermark-free screen recorders, VideoProc Converter is chosen by millions of video marketers, YouTubers, gaming bloggers, teachers, developers, and more. It features multiple screen recording modes to assist users to record webinars, video games, streaming videos, and make screencasts in any form they prefer - full screen, fixed region, or picture in picture.

By its level-3 hardware acceleration tech, VideoProc Converter outperforms most screen recorders and runs smoothly on all recent Windows and macOS (Big Sur included) computers. What's more, users are enabled to polish the recorded video in its editing toolkit - cutting, merging, filtering, compressing, converting, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • No watermark, no recording time limits, and no advanced skills required.
  • HD 1080P output for better sharing and archiving.
  • Produce videos in any format you like: MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, and TS.
  • Record screen with sound from both systems and external devices.
  • Flexible recording modes: screen, webcam, screen & web, green-screen.
  • Annotation tools for engaging instructional videos: arrows,texts, and cursor highlight.
  • GPU acceleration tech to make smooth recording and timely export on Mac and Windows.


  • No advanced frames settings.

VideoProc Converter Giveaways

Google VideoProc Converter and participate in its giveaways, and you'll have a chance to get its license to free use more features in its latest version without any limit.

How to record screen without a watermark in VideoProc Converter

Step 1.Download and install VideoProc Converter with a free screen recorder (no watermark).

Step 2. Lanuch this software, then choose Recorder in its main UI.

Step 3. Tweak screen recording settings: recording mode, recording area, output format, recording quality, and output folder.

Step 4. Hit the red button to start and end the recording. Next, preview the video and save it to your computer.

Bonus Tips: Connect your iPhone to a Mac, launch VideoProc Converter for Mac with steps above, and you can record iPhone screen on Mac without watermark nor red bar.

2. CamStudio

Operating system: Windows 10/8/8.1/7

CamStudio is a piece of 100% free software ideal for recording Windows screen without watermark nor time limits. It is not a grand screen recording program taking much space nor validating its existence with a big UI. When it is activated, you'll just see a small window that can be hidden in the taskbar while recording. Even though born without editing tools, CamStudio goes for fences on various recording functions: autopan, annotations, picture in picture effect, personalized watermarks, timestamps, and more small but indispensable settings.


  • Lightweight and intuitive.
  • HD results with lossless codecs - Microsoft Video 1, Intel IYUV codec, and Cinepak Codec by Radius.
  • Versatile recording tools and annotation effects: cursor highlight, timestamps, captions, etc.


  • Not compatible with macOS.
  • No professional support team to solve users' problems since it's an open-source tool.
  • It only exports recorded videos in AVI and MP4 format and provides conversion to SWF.
  • Choppy and lagging when you push video quality to the maximum.

How to get it: https://camstudio.org/

3. OBS

Operating system: Windows 10/8/8.1, macOS 10.13+, Linux

OBS, short for Open Broadcasting Software, is a free open source program widely applied to hosting lives on YouTube and Twitch. When disconnected to streaming platforms and used offline, it functions as a game screen recorder as well. It is super powerful to hold numerous scenes (recording screens) and audio tracks, meanwhile feature smooth scene transitions and audio mixing. Obviously, OBS is a pro-level screen recorder that requires skilled users to deal with settings for video/audio bitrate, encoders, replay buffer, etc. So we recommend it to advanced users instead of beginners.


  • Flexible and customizable recording settings.
  • It is a free screen recorder no watermark nor ads since it's open source.
  • HD 1080P @60fps outputs for recording videos.
  • Various recording formats for different goals: MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, TS, and M3U8.


  • Too many advanced settings for novices to learn.
  • No support team to solve your technical issues except a user forum.
  • Slow and freezing on low-end PCs, esp. when recording at a high frame rate.
  • No editing options for captured videos.

How to get it: https://obsproject.com/

4. ShareX

Operating system: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

The last one of open source screen recorders on our list is ShareX. Over a decade of diligent work, developers pack the screen recorder, screenshot capturing, file sharing, and productivity tools into one lightweight program and insist on charging users nothing. Today, we mainly talk about its screen recorder. ShareX empowers you to record either the full screen or partial area with audio, and save it as a common video file. But ShareX distinguishes itself by offering a GIF export format, which makes short clips more convenient. Moreover, ShareX lets you customize hotkeys and sets countdown to get you well-prepared so that you can work at your own pace.


  • Upload recorded videos to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more, instantly.
  • Capture desktop screen as videos, GIFs, and images without watermark.
  • Optional audio and video codecs for better output: H.264, BP8, Xvid, AAC, MP3, etc.
  • Performs well on all recent Windows PCs.
  • Highlight any area during the recording.


  • Windows only.
  • No recording icon so you have to configure shortcuts before recording.
  • Cannot activate the screen recorder without installing FFmpeg.

How to get it: https://getsharex.com/

5. QuickTime Player (v10.x)

Operating system: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later

Many folks stick to native tools to protect their computers from malicious third-part software though not all third-party tools are dangerous. Built-in screen recorders are certainly safe, free, and without any watermark. QuickTime X, shipped with macOS X 10.6 in 2009, was built with a screen recording utility to capture both HD video and audio from Mac. As a simple and handy tool, QuickTime Player presents no complicated parameters to users. However, this causes limitations in output format and editing features.


  • Easy and novice-friendly.
  • Auto minimize itself when you record the screen.
  • Capture high-quality screencasts and videos.
  • Share the saved video to YouTube, Message, and Mail via a click.


  • When record the full screen, facecam will disappear.
  • No annotation tools for further illustrations and highlights.

How to get it: https://support.apple.com/downloads/quicktime

6. Xbox Game Bar

Operating system: Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher

Just as the name suggests, Xbox Game Bar was originally created as comprehensive widgets for capturing and sharing screens, live streaming, and chattering with game friends across Xbox consoles without exiting your game. Later, more and more users find it compatible with Windows 10 latest versions and call it the built-in screen recorder on Windows 10 because it can capture screens of other programs like Microsoft Office, common browsers, and so forth. Like other decent screen recorders, Xbox Game Bar allows users to adjust video quality, frame rate, shortcuts, etc.


  • Watermark-free and pre-installed.
  • Easy to activate it by pressing Win + G keys.
  • Quick switches among audio sources while recording.
  • Considerate overview of CPU, GPU, and RAM usages.


Best Free Watermark For Mac

  • Unable to record the full screen.
  • Stop recording automatically when you quit applications and return to the desktop.
  • No annotation tools like captions, shapes, and arrows.

How to get it: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/xbox-game-bar/9nzkpstsnw4p?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

7. ScreenRec

Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

ScreenRec was designed to help people communicate with ease in marketing, e-learning, onboarding, project managing, etc. Besides recording screens without watermarks, it has integrated video sharing and analyzing features while protecting users' information. That's why we recommend it to people who are marketers and online tutors. One notable thing is its active developing team that updates this tool consistently. Lately, the webcam and webcam + screen recording modes have been added. If you want to use it for free, you need to register an account first, but it may send you loads of subscription emails then.


  • Record HD screen videos without time limits and watermarks.
  • Record screen along with microphone audio and system audio.
  • No pressure on system and storage.
  • Customizable recoding shortcuts.


  • MP4 is the only available video format.
  • Media Sharing currently disabled.
  • Not supported on macOS yet.

How to get it: https://screenrec.com/

8. Screencastify

Operating system: Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Screen-O-Matic is one of the most successful screencast software in the market widely integrated with educational tools, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Moodle LTI, and some business tools as well. After sign up/in to it online, you can make both screenshots (images) and screencasts (videos) of your PC. It has nothing special in screen capturing, basic recording modes, audio recording , and even has a time limit. What makes it worth mentioning is the paid edition with advanced editing features. So we do not recommend its free plan.


  • Free and no watermark.
  • Drawing tools help you illustrate videos better.
  • After recording, you can trim unwanted beginning and ending part.
  • Detect mic and webcam automatically before recording.


  • Five minutes limit per recording video.
  • Cannot record desktop screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Only accesible when the internet is connected.

How to get it: https://www.screencastify.com/products/screen-recorder

9. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Although the desktop version of Apowersoft screen recorder has limits on recording time, and adds watermarks to the final products. Its online screen recorder is a real free tool that won't watermark on any recordings. Users are allowed to customize the recording area freely. If you plan to record gameplay or make screencasts, it can capture the screen along with webcam and audio simultaneously. During the process of recording, you can illustrate what's going on on your screen by drawing lines, typing texts, etc. As for output formats, it has multiple options – MP4, FLV, WMV, GIF, etc.


  • No watermark and no time limit.
  • Multiple recording modes: full screen, webcam, and customizable area.
  • Also available on iPhone and Android phones.
  • You can save and share your recorded videos via its cloud base.


  • You cannot use it directly. It asks you to install a launcher first.
  • A red recording bar will pop up when you starting recording the screen.
  • Cannot record screen without the internet connection.

How to get it: https://www.apowersoft.com/free-online-screen-recorder

10. Panopto Screen Recorder

Operating system: Mac, Windows

Panopto is an online and free screen recorder no watermark. You can use it on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on any computer. Different from other desktop screen recorders, it only has 3 recording modes: entire screen, certain application window, and browser tab. What makes this easy tool a must-have is the video quality. By simply ticking the option of Capture in HD, you can record the video in HD and even at 60fps (which requires hardware support). It has 15 min limits per recordings, but it is enough for most quick demonstrations.


  • HD recording with no watermark.
  • It can record a certain screen without disturbing other programs.
  • Record screen along with system audio and mic audio.
  • You can edit the video right after recording.


  • Can't customize the recording area freely.
  • You cannot use it without registering an account.
  • Recorded videos need to download for local saving, editing, or converting.

How to get it: https://www.panopto.com/record/

11. TinyTake

Operating system: Mac, Windows

TinyTake is a free screen recorder no watermark for your PC and Mac. It is an easy-to-use product that anyone can use without much tech knowledge. Besides capture images and videos on the desktop screen, it can record the screen with audio from the system, a speaker, or a microphone. And webcam recording is supported as well. During the recording, you are allowed to annotate what’s going on on the screen by arrows and texts.


  • Record the screen for free.
  • Directly share and upload the captured video to YouTube via a link.
  • Support popular file formats.


  • Take more storage on your computer than other screen recording utilities.

How to get it: https://tinytake.com/

12. FonePaw Screen Recorder

Operating system: Windows, Mac

FonePaw Screen recorder is a simple but fully-featured recorder. It lets you record not only the screen but also the webcam and audios from both the system and microphone. It also gives you full control over settings of the recording area, recording mode, video quality, hotkeys, and mouse track. To enable you to illustrate the recording better, esp. for remote learning and working, you can draw, circle, and add text to it while recording the screen.


  • Easy and free of charge.
  • It adds no watermark to the captured video.
  • Record both system and microphone sounds.
  • Record the screen in high quality up to 1080P.


  • The free version can only save 3 minutes of each recording.
  • Lack of post-editing tools, like trimming, merging, cropping, etc.
  • MP4 is the only supported output format.

How to get it: https://www.fonepaw.com/screen-recorder/

13. VSDC Free Screen Recorder Software

Operating system: Windows

Free photo watermark software download

Just like the VSDC video editor, this screen recorder comes as freeware as well. You can use it to capture the full screen or a certain area with audio from programs and external devices, for example, a microphone or line in. And many people use it to create presentations and video tutorials because it supports drawing, mouse cursor highlighting, and adding audio effects.


  • It is totally free of charge.
  • No watermark nor time limits.
  • It can record videos and audios using any codecs installed in your computer screen.


  • Not available on macOS.
  • It has been officially discontinued. Users have to download it from 3rd-party websites which might put your computer at risk.

How to get it: http://www.videosoftdev.com/free-screen-recorder

14. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Operating system: Windows, Mac

AceThinker has a screen recording program for Windows and Mac, Screen Grabber, but it has watermarks in the free version. While its online version is powered by Apowersoft and performs pretty the same as Apowersoft online screen recorder. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online can record the screen quickly in just 3 steps and save the video in multiple formats MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.


  • Completely free and easy to use.
  • It puts no watermarks nor time limits to recordings.
  • Flexible recording options: full careen, specific area, and capture screen with audio.
  • More compatible output formats than its peers.


  • You have to downloader a launcher in advance to run the online screen recorder.
  • It cannot work without the internet connection.
  • You need to download the video to your computer after it finishes recording.

How to get it: https://www.acethinker.com/free-screen-recorder

15. AZ Screen Recorder

Operating system: Android, iOS

The last one is best for recording screen without watermarks on Android and iPhone. iPhone built-in screen recorder always has a red bar in the top corner which is as annoying as a watermark. Now here comes a free screen recording app without watermarks for smartphones. It can record the screen with audio on your phone and capture screenshots of gameplays, live streams, video calls, etc.


  • High quality screen recording: 1080P @60FPS, 12Mbps
  • No recording time limits nor watermarks.
  • It is free for both iOS and Android.
  • Post-editing for recording videos.


  • It works more smoothly on Android than iOS.

Free Video Editor Without Watermark For Mac

How to get it:


Now we have narrowed down mainstream free screen recorder no watermark into 15 tools. You should consider carefully when selecting the best one for you since each of them has both pros and cons. Is it compatible with your computer? Does it record HD videos? Does it have time limit? Will it lag or quit unexpectedly?


Best Free Watermark App For Mac

Honestly speaking, VideoProc Converter is the one that performs best in our screen recording test. It records the screen of all recent computers without lagging and time limit. And surprisingly, we found it has more solutions to 4K video processing – editing, converting, and downloading.

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