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Cyberlink PowerDirector. PowerDirector is the fourth vlog editing apps that we have included in this list of best software to edit vlogs. It is a very popular video editing software. This software is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In the best vlog editing software list, you can find beginner simple programs to professional tools on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. Again, the review is based on our survey and usage experience of many video editing programs.

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, we’ll help you to choose which is the best video editing software suitable for you. Video editing is important because it is the key to blending images and sounds to make viewers feel emotionally connected and sometimes they feel that they’re truly in the film they’re watching.

It’s a safe assumption to say that video editing is among the most important jobs in the film industry. This article will give you a list of the top video editing software that you will need in most of your video or vlogging projects.

FREE and paid video editing software for Windows and Mac

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

With Adobe Premiere Pro you have no limitations you can do all of the editing you need to do from cutting Clips and adding text all the way to doing some serious color grading and adding video effects you’re not going to be constrained by the software itself and Adobe Premiere Pro also supports a ton of different formats so no matter
what kind of file you’re throwing at it you can be sure that Adobe Premiere Pro will be able to handle it now what you’re really paying for here is also the integration.

It’s going to work really well with a lot of the other Adobe apps such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition, so if you’re going to be using a lot of different tools and you want to make sure that everything works very seamlessly and you might want to go ahead and purchase the Adobe suite.

If you’re going to be using a lot of other apps as well or maybe you’re working with a bunch of other people, Adobe Premiere Pro might be the perfect option for you.

  • Vegas Pro 17

It does everything, you can do almost everything from color grading to video effects. Some people say that it isn’t as advanced as Premiere Pro but it does have greater support for external plugins.

You can turn on GPU acceleration for your rendering so if you have a good graphics card you can render videos a lot faster.

Vegas Pro 17 also has really good integration with a lot of the other magic software apps. It is easier to use because it has dockable windows and you can easily modify your working environment.

  • Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi is a very easy to use editing software that has a lot of advanced functionality from keyframing to stabilization to chroma keying.

You’ll able to add any sort of text or effects and it even has a library of different effects available for you. Another really good thing about Movavi is it’s also easier to run on slower computers so if you don’t have a super decked-out PC you can still run Movavi with no problems.

Movavi also has a built-in collection of different media from effects to text and they even have an external store where
you can find intros and other graphics for your videos.

  • Filmora Pro

Free Vlog Editing Software For Mac

Filmora pro can be the perfect editor for your needs it can handle things such as keyframe editing motion
tracking as well as color keying. Filmora Pro also has a pretty robust audio editor.

Filmora Pro gives a huge range of frame rates and resolutions all the way up to 4K UHD at 100 encloses a second. It’s
even possible to set custom resolutions and frame proportions. Likewise accessible are preset options for Instagram
and other projects with a horizontal video side. Changing some of these options requires a restart of the software,
though this took under 10 seconds with my set up, a refreshing change.

Wondershare offers a number of tutorial videos on YouTube that are quite thorough and go through the basics and some of the more advanced peculiarities. It’s well important to watch these videos if you’re new to FilmoraPro as they’re shaft put together.

Its functionality is incredible, you have the ability to send read-only files and even have a chat in the editor if you’re working with a team.
It is the best color correcting interface out of any of the options on this list because it was initially made to be a color correcting tool so if you’re someone who is going to be doing a lot of filmmaking this is really important to consider DaVinci Resolve Studio is a no-brainer.

Best Online Video Editor

  • WeVideo

WeVideo is the best online editor just because it has the most features. It has all these simple features you need such as being able to cut different video clips and also some more advanced features such as chroma-keying and with the Wevideo even though it’s an online editor you’re going to be able to make a really solid final product depending on the kind of YouTube videos or videos in general that you’re going to be making.

Another cool thing about Wevideo is that depending on the version you purchase you can also get access to over 1 million different stock images and videos that you can also use for your content and to give some context. Wevideo also has a mobile editor so if you’re going to be using your Chromebook or your phone and tablet then you want to also consider this because there’s also an app available and so if you’re looking for the most robust online video editor we would recommend Wevideo.

  • Kapwing

Kapwing is completely free and as long as your videos are under ten minutes long you’re not going to have any watermarks. It is really good for editing simple videos and they also have some standalone tools.

If you’re looking to only add subtitles or only trim your video you can do it very quickly with its standalone tools but if you also want to just edit a quick video or cut up some clips add some text and subtitles you can do all of that with the Kapwing video editor

Perfect Video Flow

Your film can be absolutely amazing with virtually no errors or room for improvement up until the post-production process; however, the flow you have in mind is entirely dependent on the editors working.

The flow that you had may have been wonderful, but it can be jammed up in the blink of an eye. When an editor receives the footage, their primary goal is to make it as smooth and organized as possible.

In video editing, one of the most common and most effective ways to achieve the perfect flow is through cuts. Cutting in and of itself is not difficult: you choose a start and end time and there you go, it’s gone. But that’s not all that goes into a cut. To make your video’s flow ideal, you have to cut shots at the perfect time.

Another ingredient for a perfect flow video is transition. Transitions make all the difference in the world to a scene. Sometimes, without a transition, you end up with a jumpy, fast-paced mess that nobody wants to watch.

Video editing makes these transitions smooth and elegant. The flow that the editor is trying to preserve is what makes the film great, and transitions are a way to keep the pace of the film controlled.

Everyone thinks of video editing as the visual part. Although this is true, it’s not the whole story. Editing a film so that the pictures flow does not necessarily mean the audio flows as well.

Adjusting volume levels and synchronizing audio clips with video clips can be anything but a walk in the park; however, it can also make your film exactly as it was intended.

Sound editing is how your film can set the mood and evoke emotions from your audience. Replacing a soundtrack with another, unintended one can really open your eyes to what it is sound editing truly does for us.

What is a vlog? A common explanation is: vlog = video blog. Likewise, making a vlog means creating a video blog, which uses video instead of texts or photos to express personal thoughts. Vlog is often used to record interesting things in life. In fact, it covers a broad theme including food, music, travel, parenting, fashion, cosmetics, sports, and fitness, etc. When it comes to making quality vlogs, you must have two essential tools prepared: An HD video camera and a fabulous vlog editing app. For some amateur vloggers, they usually use their phone cameras to record videos instead of investing an expensive camera. That's considerably a smart way to save budget because the post-production seems to play a more important role in producing marvelous video blogs that would deeply impress followers.

Do you have clear answers to the above questions? We do. When it comes to selecting a satisfactory video blog editing app for smartphones or vlog editing software for Windows computers, we usually have cold feet to make a balanced choice. There are so many equivalents that advertised to be the best, but how to filter the one that fits you well, e.g., is it free? Does it apply to beginners or professionals? Is it able to export videos with compatible formats for most vlogging platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Twitch IRL, Flickr, D.Tune, and so on?

By taking the fundamental aspects of what forms all-in-one video editor without watermark for making vlogs into consideration, here we list the six best vlog video editor software (aka vlog maker/best movie maker) to create HD video vlog in Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and let you be a vlog star! They are:

Main Content:

#1. EaseUS Video Editor: Best Vlog Editing Software for Windows

  • Price: Free; Two or three features require an in-place upgrade
  • Label: 1)Best video editing software for Windows; 2)Incredibly easy-to-use vlog editing software; 3) Small but fully-equipped
  • Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8/7

EaseUS Video Editor is the perfect option for vloggers who want to start out with basic video editing functionality, at the same time, with the opportunity to get more advanced as they go. To begin with, the software supports creating extensive aspect-ratio videos from widescreen 16:9, portrait 9:16, traditional 4:3, and special for Taobao 3:4 as well as Instagram 1:1. To be specific, it covers all vlogging platforms' demands for uploading a video blog. If you want to know more about EaseUS Video Editor, you can click the following link to download it.

How to Vlog with EaseUS Video Editor

1. Use your video camera or phone camera to record video clips
2. Choose an aspect ratio and import it in the vlog editor
3. Trim/cut/crop video clips, delete unusable video clips and splice video clips
4. Add titles, subtitles, filters, overlays, transitions, BGM, music and choose among the over 80 elements to match your vlog style
5. Adjust speed, background color, contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, highlight, and many subtle details to make a flawless video.
6. Add some mosaic and blur effects to blur face or a moving part in the video
7. Export as a high-definition vlog of .mp4, .mkv, .gif, .mov, .wmv... and directly share vlog on social media, SNS, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

How to Produce a Professional Vlog Video in EaseUS Video Editor

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor on your PC or Laptop. Choose the desired aspect ratio to begin. You can change the selected aspect ratio to other available ones by clicking File > New Project.

Step 2. Drag and drop your video clips into the Media area, or use the 'Import' function.

Step 3. Next, drag your media file(s) to the timeline and release, by which your video will automatically put onto the correct video track.

Step 4. Start editing with a ton of video editing features in front of you. You can see all the auxiliary effects on the top left pane, including Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Elements, and Music. In addition, if you use the right-click mouse on a target media file on its track, you'll get more advanced editing chances to slipt a video, extract subtitle and continue clicking 'Edit', there you'll be able to speed up or slow down the video playback, adjust the volume size, and add the fade in or face out effects.

Step 5. After editing your vlog, now click Export. You can export your vlog to any popular video format that fits for vlogging platforms. Last but not the least, under the 'Video platform' tab, you can choose TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others and directly upload the ready-made vlog video to the vlogging platform.


Being a sophisticated video editing tool that provides users with a simple interface and intuitive operation, EaseUS Video Editor is also recognized as the best free audio converter and video converter for Windows 10. It allows users to convert video to MP4/MKV/MOV...and convert music to MP3/AAC...

#2. Movavi Video Editor

  • Price: $39,95
  • Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.7+

Movavi Video Editor is handy software that makes creating a video montage a piece of cake. This program will help you edit videos even if you’re a complete beginner. Create vlogs, travel videos, and tutorials. Thanks to the easy-to-follow design and intuitive interface, your video editing will take next to no time. With the help of transitions and effects, you can make your videos extra-engaging. Filters can add a magic touch, and the animated built-in intros will liven up your footage. Even if you’ve never tried montage, you can use the special effects in this seamless video editing software: Chroma Key, Slow Motion, Pan & Zoom, and many more.


  • Edit 4K and Full HD videos
  • Crop and rotate clips
  • Merge, cut, and trim video segments
  • Stabilize footage and reduce camera shake
  • Experiment with special effects, filters, transitions, and stickers
  • Play with the sound settings
  • Use keyframe animation on titles, and overlay video
  • Media bin enables quick access to your files

How to use Movavi Video Editor

Step1. Import your media files.

Step2. Start with the basic editing: crop and rotate files, cut, and merge clips. And you also can play around with the visuals: apply colorful filters and stickers, experiment with special effects, and use transitions; Work with audio if you wish.

Step3. Choose the output format and save your project.

#3. Final Cut Pro X: Standout Vlog Editor for macOS

  • Price: Apple Final Cut Pro X costs a flat, one-time price of $299.99.
  • Label: 1) Extraordinarily powerful for editing big-budget movies and commercial vlogs; 2) Mac-only video editing software used by professionals, it takes time to learn
  • Compatibility: Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8, runs on Intel-based Mac computers powered by macOS Mojave 10.14.6 or later

Apple Final Cut Pro X is one of the several high-powered video editing applications based on Mac OS X and macOS. We've heard of Adobe Premiere, and both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere are remarkable pieces of video editing software that's particularly accepted by professionals with a big budget. If you're looking for only a professional-level piece for Mac, Final Cut Pro X is the optimal choice as it's still comparatively cheaper than Adobe Premiere.

Vlogging Features in Final Cut Pro X

  • 4K Editing
  • Action Cam Tools
  • Plug-ins available
  • Chroma Key (green screen)
  • 360-degree Video Editing
  • Multicam Editing
  • Burn to DVD
  • Burn to Blu-ray
  • Export to YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo/Apple devices

#4. iMovie: Free-to-use yet simple Vlog Editing Tool

  • Price: Free; included with macOS computers
  • Label: 1) Most used video editing tools by Apple users; 2) Simple interface
  • Compatibility: macOS and classic Mac OS

iMovie is the inbuilt video editing software exclusively for Apple users. You might not find many customization options in iMovie, but what it offers is well polished and would suit most novice vloggers' needs.

So if you're a Mac user and planning to create some basic and short vlog videos, using Apple's consumer-level video editing program is totally enough to make your dream come true. It makes the post-editing not that troublesome as what's available in it is sleek, polished and easy to use.

Vlogging Features in iMovie

  • HD & 4K video support
  • Video color settings
  • Crop & rotate video clip
  • Stabilization
  • Video effects & transitions
  • Video speed change (speed up/slow down)
  • Clip browser
  • Pre-built themes & backdrops
  • Real-time titling

How to Edit A Vlog in iMovie

Step 1. Import video clips into iMovie. You can open multiple projects simultaneously.

Step 2. Sequentially edit your video by enhancing, e.g. add Youtube title, add transitions, organize videos, add effects, etc.

Step 3. Export and upload your final projects of a completely-featured video blog.

#5. VlogU: Vlog Editing App for Android Vloggers

  • Price: Free
  • Label: 1) Best free vlog editor/video editor/movie maker/vlog maker; 2) Easy-to-use; 3) No watermark after free removal
  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up

The best vlog editing app for Android in Google Play, VlogU is top recommended with a very high score of 4.5 user rating due to its massive & enhanced video editing abilities. It offers 100+ music & BGM, enables vloggers and other essential elements to make a stunning super start vlog.

Brilliant Vlogging Features in VlogU

  • Trim, cut, crop, slice and split the video into video clips
  • Edit vlog with stylish texts, fonts, colors, free music (happy, dance, romantic...), effects (glitch, blur, disco...), transitions, filters, stickers and emojis
  • Control the vlog speed (Slow motion and fast motion)
  • Export the project in HD 1080p or 720p without losing quality to social media

#6. Splice: Nice Vlog Editing App as Easy as 123

  • Price: Free
  • Label: 1) Most installed video editor in App Store; 2) applies to beginners and semi-professionals
  • Compatibility: iOS 11 or later; Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Splice is a vlogging app for iPhone, it's still powerful. This iPhone vlog app makes it easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone, iPad. Imagine the performance of a desktop editor, optimized for your mobile device. Just tap to trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow-motion effects, and more to create beautiful videos you'll love to share. It's never been easier to edit like a pro on the go.

How to Use Splice Vlog Editing App

  • Edit your vlog with available filters, title slides, text overlays, custom outro, slow/fast motion, zoom effects
  • Trim, cut and crop photos and videos, mix multiple audio tracks with precision
  • Add narration or custom sound effects with the built-in voice recorder
  • Share right to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Mail, Messages, and more
  • Save videos to your camera roll

To Sum Up

Regarding the topic '2020 best vlog editing software and apps', we list six best vlog editing apps for Android/iOS as well as best vlog editing software for Windows/macOS. All the listed vlog editor can help YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Vloggers to make marvelous vlog videos that followers would thump up.

Anytime when you find a smartphone difficult to refine your vlog effects as you wish, it's time to hop on a computer or Mac, where you will make prominent progress to produce the most expressive and breathtaking vlog videos! Always remind yourself of EaseUS video editing software and let it help create a stunning project for you.

Here list a YouTube video about EaseUS Video Editor, you can open it to watch and learn more.

What People Also Ask About Editing A Vlog

Free Vlog Editing Software For Mac 10 6 8

Here list some

1. What editing app do vloggers use?

Every level of vloggers chooses the vlog editing app that fits herself/himself. For professionals, they can use a sophisticated app from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut Pro X, and After Effects as well. However, for amateurs who are into making interesting and meaningful vlogs, the recommended free editing apps within this page are quite enough.

Free Vlog Editing Apps

2. What is the best app for vlogging?

In conclusion, for a specific operating system and a group of people, here are six recommendations of best vlog editing apps.

  • Windows: EaseUS Video Editor (for beginners as well as professionals)
  • macOS: Final Cut Pro X (for professionals) and iMovie (for beginners)
  • Android: VlogU
  • iOS: Splice

3. How do I edit a vlog video on my phone?

To enable yourself to edit a vlog video on your phone, you need to select a capable vlog editing app that goes compatible with Android OS or iOS. The best vlog editing app for Android is VlogU while the iOS one is called Splice.

Video Editing Software For Mac Free

4. How do YouTubers edit their videos?

Youtubers are used to editing videos on a desktop PC or Mac. The top three programs to use for YouTube video editing are EaseUS Video Editor, Final Cut Pro X, and iMovie.

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