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1080p HD Security Camera View. The Mac software for iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs now supports remotely viewing analog CCTV cameras and HD security cameras. Watch the below video to see a demo of viewing 1080p security cameras using the software. You can learn more about these hybrid HD security camera DVRs here. Video Surveillance Software on Mac OS X. The Video Surveillance Software C-MOR runs on Apple Mac OS X. The base system with 3 cams can be ugpraded with additional IP camera licenses to a maximum of 15 cameras. C-MOR has many features. It records on motion detection and generates great time-lapse movies for presentations.

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Multiple simultaneous cameras - SecuritySpy's efficiency allows high numbers of cameras to be used at the same time, providing high performance for large, demanding systems. Virtually all IP cameras on the market are supported.
Easy setup - a friendly user interface makes SecuritySpy easy to set up and use. Tasks such as adding a camera, configuring recording, or enabling remote monitoring can be achieved with just a few clicks. Learn More
Smart motion detection powered by AI - SecuritySpy intelligently analyses video using deep neural networks, to determine with a high degree of accuracy when to trigger recording and notifications. Learn More
HomeKit integration - trigger recording and schedules from HomeKit events, or set rules to control HomeKit accessories in response to camera motion detection.
High quality recording - SecuritySpy records video and audio directly from the camera to the captured movie files, providing optimum resolution, quality and performance.
ONVIF support - the modern standard for IP video devices. Allows SecuritySpy to easily detect and add cameras to your system with minimal configuration.
Remote monitoring - view, control and configure your SecuritySpy system securely over your local network or over the Internet. Learn More
iOS and tvOS app - access your system from your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using our app, providing access to live and recorded video, recording control, two-way audio, notifications and more. Learn More
Flexible recording options - SecuritySpy can capture movies and still images either continuously or in response to motion detection. Learn More
Synchronised multi-camera playback - play back recorded footage from multiple cameras using the Browser feature. Learn More
Screen capture - view, capture and stream images from any display connected to your Mac.
Instant video replay in all live video windows - one-click playback and capture of recent footage at any time.
Scheduling - each camera's schedule can be customised for recording and generating notifications at different times of the day or week, or based on built-in schedules such as daytime or nighttime.
Notifications - alarms, emails, scripts and iOS notifications can all be triggered when motion is detected.
Dashboard - data visualisations that give you an overview of system metrics such as CPU usage, recording rate, and memory and disk performance.
Highly optimised - fast multithreaded code, and extensive use of hardware acceleration, provides blazingly fast performance with low CPU usage. Runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
No ongoing fees - unlike other NVR software, your purchase of SecuritySpy is a one-off payment, with no recurring monthly or yearly fees.
Free updates and support for the life of the product - for support, simply email us at [email protected] and we will help you directly to resolve any problems.
Other features - SecuritySpy has many other useful and powerful features, including:
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control.
  • FTP or Amazon S3 upload for offsite backup of captured footage.
  • Integration with home automated systems, such as HomeKit, Indigo and Control4.
  • Free automatic DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service to give your system a friendly Internet address.
  • Free automatic integration with Let's Encrypt to obtain a proper SSL certificate for the HTTPS web service.
  • As well as wide IP camera support, SecuritySpy also supports any Mac-compatible non-IP video input, such as built-in FaceTime cameras, USB webcams and Blackmagic devices.
  • Hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding, including support for eGPU devices, allows very low CPU usage even with high numbers of cameras.
  • Multiple-monitor support: display different cameras on different screens in full-screen mode.

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Here is a list of the best free antivirus platforms for Mac, so you can protect your Mac OS. Further reading. The best free antivirus software; The best security apps and antivirus protection for. The Mac security camera software for iDVR-E surveillance DVRs lets users view their CCTV cameras live from remotely over the Internet on a Macintosh PC. This Mac software also lets's users play back recorded video surveillance footage, export video footage to files, and control PTZ cameras. This article will familiarize customers with the user.

Free Video Surveillance Software For Mac

Mac Security Camera Software

Detailed technical specifications can be found here:
SecuritySpy Specifications Datasheet

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