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Now, see how to use dr.fone to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. Note: dr.fone for Mac is kept updated all the time. Now the newest version fully supports MacOS Sierra and iOS 11, and the latest iPhone 8/X. Sync Photo Library, Camera Roll or non Camera Roll Photos from iPhone to Mac. Step 1: Launch dr.fone. Install iPhone photos to Mac transfer. This article will show you how you can transfer iPhone files to Mac through the built-in features of Apple. Let’s start with what I think is very popular nowadays. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with iCloud Drive 2. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with Finder 3. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with File Sharing 4.

We explain 7 simple ways to transfer photos and video from an iPhone to a Mac. Find out how to use iCloud photos, Photo Stream, iCloud Files, Messages, Airdrop and more to import photos to your Mac.

Free Iphone Photo Transfer

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: January 12, 2021

Although some people say that iPhone is incompatible with other non-Apple products or whatnot, it’s especially easy to establish a connection with two Apple products. As such, trying to transfer iPhone files to Mac would be a piece of cake.

This is because there are a lot of features on Apple products that allows them to connect to their fellow Apple device, and that’s exactly what we’ll be using today.

This article will show you how you can transfer iPhone files to Mac through the built-in features of Apple. Let’s start with what I think is very popular nowadays.

1. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with iCloud Drive

Since you’re here trying to learn how to transfer iPhone files to Mac, you must have an idea what cloud storage platforms are.

Cloud storage platforms are places where users can store their files so that they can access the said files even with a different device. iCloud Drive is a perfect example of cloud storage. In other words, you can transfer iPhone files to Mac.

Below are the steps to do this:

  1. Turn on iCloud on your iPhone by going to Settings > Your Name > iCloud. Make sure every slider is turned on or colored green.
  2. Scroll down further and switch on the option for iCloud Drive.
  3. Still on your iPhone, open the Files app, or whatever the File Manager app is called.
  4. Tap on Browse and select iCloud Drive. Copy and paste all the files you intend to transfer into this folder.
  5. Once you’re done transferring all files into the iCloud Drive, go to your Mac.
  6. On the menu bar of Mac, click Apple > System Preferences > iCloud.
  7. Now enable iCloud Drive. Make sure the Apple ID used in your Mac is the same as what you use on the iPhone.
  8. Once you have done this, you will be able to see a folder named “iCloud Drive” on your Finder. All the files on your iPhone’s iCloud Drive will be here.

With this, you can transfer iPhone files to Mac as long as you have internet.

Since not all of us have internet, it would be best if you also have an option to transfer files without the internet, and that’s what the next section is all about.

2. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with Finder

Considering you’re a Mac user, you must know what Finder is.

Finder is the basic file manager app of Mac. If Windows has File Explorer, Mac has Finder. And since you can access your files through this app, there’s no reason for you to not be able to transfer iPhone files to Mac.

Below are the steps to transfer iPhone files to Mac:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Now open a session of Finder on your Mac.
  3. On the sidebar, select your device’s name as shown below.
  1. Now go to the Files
  1. You will see a list of files on the Files tab. Simply select the ones that you want to transfer and then drag it out into the desktop, or anywhere on your computer, as long as it’s on your Mac.

With this, you can easily transfer iPhone files to Mac without having to worry about having the internet. This is its main advantage over the previous method.

3. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac with File Sharing

A very similar method to Finder would be the use of the File Sharing feature available on iTunes.

File Sharing is a feature that can be used only through iTunes. It basically allows you to share your files across your devices, and that includes sharing from iPhone to Mac.

Below are the steps to transfer iPhone files to Mac:

  1. Open iTunes on the Mac computer.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the Mac.
  3. Click on the little device icon as shown in the figure below.
  1. On the left side of the window, click File Sharing.
  2. You should see a list of apps on the right side of the window. Select the app that manages the files you intend to transfer.
  3. The files will then be shown on the further right side of the window. Simply select the ones that you want to transfer and click Add…

That’s pretty much how to transfer iPhone files to Mac using File Sharing, though it’s not really that different from when you used Finder.

4. Transfer iPhone Files to Mac via AirDrop

Our last entry for the day involves the use of AirDrop.

AirDrop is another feature on Apple devices that allows you to share files through a local network. Simply put, you don’t need internet for this, either a USB cable.

Either way, here’s how to transfer iPhone files to Mac with AirDrop:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Files
  2. Locate the files that you want to transfer. Press and hold on to these files to highlight them.
  3. Tap the Share button once it shows up at the bottom of the screen and select AirDrop. This will list the devices with AirDrop turned on.
  4. Now leave the iPhone for now and go to your Mac to open a session of Finder.
  5. From the menu bar of Finder, click on Go and select AirDrop.
  6. This should automatically turn on the AirDrop of your Mac, making it visible to other Apple devices. Now on your iPhone, it should be able to detect your Mac, which you’ll have to select.
  7. A message will appear on your Mac asking for permission to send. Simply select Accept.

This is how you can use AirDrop to transfer iPhone files to Mac. The main advantage of this is that you don’t need an internet nor a USB cable, just AirDrop, nothing more, nothing less.

Alternative to Transfer iPhone Files

Although there are many options to transfer iPhone files to Mac, the most practical solution would be to use a specialized tool, hence why you need to know about FoneDog Phone Transfer.

FoneDog Phone Transfer is a tool designed to help users transfer files from one device to another. While it supports Windows PC, iOS, and Android, unfortunately, it doesn’t support Mac.

As such, I can only leave this software as an alternative in case you manage to get your hands on a Windows PC. Either way, if not for being incompatible with Mac, this would surely be the most ideal solution for your space problem.


Although there are quite a few options to transfer iPhone files to Mac, it goes without saying that you’re not obliged to do this. After all, there’s no immediate issue when you don’t transfer files.

However, you have to be reminded that it’s very beneficial for you. You will have a backup, save space, improve performance, and more. Either way, this guide should help you achieve what is needed.

>Transfer >4 Easiest Ways to Transfer iPhone Files to Mac for FREE
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There are so many iPhone transfer programs that you can take as iTunes alternatives to transfer data between iPhone and computer. But actually, they can do more jobs like viewing and extracting files from iOS backup files, migrating contents from an old device to your new iPhone, wirelessly back up some specific media files, and so on.

This post introduces some of the top best iPhone transfer/manager software with their innovative features, the trial links, the prices, and the recent coupons I collected. Hope this would be helpful. (These apps also works for iPad and iPod devices)

iMazing iPhone Transfer

iMazing is an iPhone transfer software created by DigiDNA, a Switzerland software developer. This program makes it easy to transfer, backup, print, and manage data on your iPhone and iPad. You can absolutely use it as a replacement for iTunes to manage your device. But actually, it could be better than iTunes on data transferring.

So what outstanding features you can get from iMazing? Let’s have a look

1-Click Quickly Transfer Data from/to iPhone

With iMazing, you can easily transfer photos, music, contacts, videos, ringtones, and more between iPhone and computer (or another iOS device). And the Quick Transfer feature makes it easier with a simple Drag and Drop.

1-Click Export & Print Messages

With iMazing, you can easily export messages, notes, contacts, and other text-format data to PDF, Text, and CSV, through which, you can easily view, read, and print the information. And it also added a Print button to directly print your text message, iMessage, and WhatsApp messages.

Photo Transfer App Windows 10

Wireless iPhone Backup and more

iMazing added a Time-Machine-like feature to wirelessly backup your important data in a safe way, and the backup will be encrypted well. Different from iTunes, iMazing will allow you to browse and extract files and contents from the backup files.

iMazing also offers some smart tools like checking iPhone status and battery health, migrating data from an old iOS device to the new one, managing apps, force restarting the device and etc. This software has a good design and follows closely with the development of Apple products and services.

iMazing Free Trial, Price, and Coupon Codes

iMazing is fully compatible with the latest iOS 14 and iPhone 12, and it offers a free trial for people to try before purchasing. But, the trial version will restrict the amount that people can transfer and backup on an iPhone.

iMazing Free vs Paid
Main FeaturesFree Trial (Download)Full Version (20% Discount)
Quick Transfer
Unlimited Backups
Automatic Backups
Make Ringtones
Battery Diagnostics
Detect Spyware
Erase Devices
PhotosTransfer 50 Items
MusicTransfer 50 items
MessagesTransfer 25 items
WhatsAppTransfer 25 items
ContactsTransfer 10 items
NotesTransfer 5 items
Call HistoryTransfer 5 items
BooksTransfer 5 items
RingtonesTransfer 30 items within 3 days
PodcastsTransfer 30 items within 3 days
SafariTransfer 20 items
Voice MemosTransfer 3 items
CalendarTransfer 10 items
Voice MailTransfer 1 items
Files TransferTransfer 100 items
Backup ExportExport 10 items
Restore a Backup×
Transfer to Device×
Export All Data×
Insatll iOS×

To use all the features, you can buy the iMazing license code. There are two types of licenses starting from $34.99 on its official website. The great news is that you can get a 25% iMazing discount with which you can get an iMazing license for no more than 30 US dollars.

iMobie AnyTrans

iMobie Inc., released iOS transfer apps since 2012, including PodTrans, PhoneTrans, PhotoTrans, and AppTrans. And some of these apps did get a good reputation. For example, the PodTrans (iPod music transfer) got so many 5 stars ratings on CNET.

After several years, iMobie gathered all its previous transfer apps into a new brand – AnyTrans. And this brand keeps adding new features, and now the latest version of AnyTrans collected a bunch of features, including transferring iPhone data, accessing files on iPhone backups, downloading Youtube videos, making ringtones, mirroring iPhone screen to the computer, as well as migrating data from Android to iOS.

AnyTrans vs iMazing

Just like iMazing, AnyTrans is also equipped with features of transferring and backing up data on your iPhone. And it runs on the computer, too.

The difference is that AnyTrans does better than iMazing while moving data between two different mobile systems and downloading online videos (It has so many useful features to manage your iPhone data and files).

But the disadvantage of this software is that it got a little complicated interface and an unstable performance on data transferring. For me to choose an iTunes alternative, I choose iMazing because it is easy to use, and just like the built-in app on my computer.

AnyTrans Free vs Paid Version

AnyTrans iPhone transfer isn’t free but gives you a free trial version, with which you can transfer several items, download online videos, make ringtones, downloads apps, and mirror your iPhone screen to the computer.

Main FeaturesFree Trial (Download)Full Version (45% Discount)
Media Downloader
App Downloader
Ringtone Maker
Unlimited Backup
Screen Mirroring
iCloud Content Manager
PhotoTransfer 30 items within 3 days
MusicTransfer 30 items within 3 days
VideosTransfer 30 items within 3 days
MessagesTransfer 30 items within 3 days
AppsTransfer 30 items within 3 days
ContactsTransfer 30 items within 3 days
NotesTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Call HistoryTransfer 30 items within 3 days
BooksTransfer 30 items within 3 days
RingtonesTransfer 30 items within 3 days
PodcastsTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Safari BookmarksTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Voice MemosTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Safari HistoryTransfer 30 items within 3 days
CalendarTransfer 30 items within 3 days
RemindersTransfer 30 items within 3 days
iTunes UTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Voice MailTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Files SystemTransfer 30 items within 3 days
WhatsAppTransfer 30 items within 3 days
LineTransfer 30 items within 3 days
ViberTransfer 30 items within 3 days
Phone Switcher×
Unlimited Data Transfer×
Restore Backup×
Multi – iCloud Sync×
WhatsApp/Line/Viber Restore×
WhatsApp/Line/Viber to iPhone×

How Do I Transfer Images From Iphone To Mac

For most of you who want to transfer or backup iPhone data, you have to buy a full version.


There are 3 kinds of licenses: 1 Year Single License ($39.99), LifeTime Single License (49.99$), and Family License for 5 computers ($69.99).

AnyTrans Back-to-school Discount

To get it at a cheap price, you can try some links on the coup0n site – AnyTrans 50% discount coupon (updated on Aug 1st, 2021).

In the Back-to-School season, iMobie also provides you with an exclusive 30% OFF coupon IMOB-BTS-2021 (expires on September 30, 2021). To activate the exclusive coupon, you should click on this sale link. After clicking any of the BUY NOW buttons, you can use the coupon below the text “I have a discount coupon”.

iExplorer – iPhone to Computer Transfer

iExplorer by Macroplant is an old brand for iPhone data transferring. And it’s very popular with iOS users since it does a good job on iPhone transferring. With this tool, you can easily export music, photos, contacts, and other files from iPhone or iTunes backup to the desktop of your computer. And the whole process is safe. (We’ve scanned this iExplorer using Secure software, and it shows there is no virus hidden.)

iExplorer VS iMazing/AnyTrans

Just like AnyTrans and iMazing, iExplorer is also a computer-based iPhone data transfer program. And it is good at transferring large numbers of big data files, such as hundreds of pictures, videos, and songs. Certainly, you can play and preview those items before you export them to a computer.

But it is a pity that iExplorer doesn’t add some meaningful features and improve its interface for a long time. And most of its recent updates are bug fixes and iOS compatibility updates. Compared with the rivals, it has no advantage in price and features now. (The new version even didn’t support Wi-Fi connecting.)

iExplorer Free vs Paid

The latest version of iExplorer is 4.2.8. And you can download it here. And the trial version allows you to preview contents, but limit the numbers of the files that you can transfer. Besides, it will keep showing a pop-up window requiring you to register and buy it. The price of the iExplorer is started from $39.99, and up to $69.99.

Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo also can do somethings that iTunes can’t. For example, transferring iPhone contents to another device (computer, iOS, and Android) and converting media files to iOS supported files.

Compare with the above two apps, TunesGo only some basic transfer features like move data between iPhone and computer, and manage iPhone data by deleting, adding, exporting, etc. And recently Wondershare updated this iPhone transfer app to be compatible with iOS 14.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans – Transfer 16+ FileTypes on iPhone

Aiseesoft company developed various multimedia software for iPhone users. And FoneTrans could be one of its best works. This tool is specially designed to transfer data in a simple way, and it does do the job to transfer 16+ filetypes between iPhone and computer/iTunes.


  • The interface is clean so that you can quickly access the page to see what you can transfer between your smartphone and your computer.
  • It supports transferring more than 16 file types, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, books, ePub, etc.
  • It is cheap and you can buy with a 55% discount on MyCommerce, at a price of $18.
  • The icon is so cute!


Before transferring iPhone contacts and messages, this software will take a long time to back up your iOS device and load the text messages and contacts.

CopyTrans – Transfer Between iPhone and PC

CopyTrans gives you a series of iPhone transfer tools (CopyTrans, CopyTrans Contacts, CopyTrans Photo, etc) to help you transfer iPhone data on PC (Supports Windows XP and later). Most CopyTrans tools have the price of &19.99. Below are the main features of each tool.


  • Most of the tools are for Windows but have no Mac Version
  • Some files that you can only transfer from iPhone to the computer but cannot from PC to iPhone


  • CopyTrans ($19.99) – Transfer music and videos from iPhone to iTunes/PC
  • CopyTrans Contacts ($19.99) – Transfer contacts, messages, notes, calendar to PC.
  • CopyTrans Photo ($19.99) – Transfer photos, videos, and albums to PC.
  • CopyTrans TuneSwift ($19.99) – Rebuild iTunes library on Mac/PC or transfer all iTunes library from iPhone to Computer.

WALTR 2 – Simplest Drop to iPhone Transfer Tool

Softorino Inc. developed one simple tool – WALTR, which helps people to easily transfer media files to iPhone without using iTunes. The latest version – WALTR 2, uses the wireless technique to transfer music, videos, TV shows, iBooks, Audiobooks from computer to any iPhone with one simple drop area, just like the below screenshot.

WALTR 2 is also not free and charges $49.99.

How WALTR 2 Work

You can download and install this WALTR 2 on Windows or Mac computer and then drag and drop files to its interface. This app uses its called “Smart Automatic Content Recognition”, to analyze the information of the files you drop to its interface on the computer, and then put them with all metadata into the right place on your connected Apple device.

Besides the iPhone, this app is also perfectly compatible with other Apple devices, even the original iPod from 2001.

MobileTrans – Best Phone Transfer

Just as we said in my previous post – Best Android to iPhone Transfer, WonderShare MobileTrans could be one of the most professional tools to transfer data between two phones, and also be able to backup data on your iPhone and restore data from backup to your device.

Actually, this desktop-based program is good for you to copy a huge amount of photos, music, contacts, and other files to your newly bought phone. If you got one iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, this tool will be the one tool that you should own, because it will deal with many problems that you will meet on data transfer, backup, and restore. Just like other similar programs, it is not free and you should buy the license on the official website to get all features activated.

And the price is about $30-$40, similar to those of other programs.

iSkysoft iTransfer (TunesOver)

iSkysoft iTransfer or named “TunesOver” is one of the transfer tools that iSkysoft released for all iOS users. With iTransfer, you can back up selected songs and videos to a computer or iTunes, and this smart tool will filter out the existing items, so there is no worry about duplicates being transferred to your other device. More than this, it is able to import live photos from iPhone iPad as gif pictures and store them on your PC or Mac.

iSkysoft iTransfer is now compatible with the new iOS 14, and available to be downloaded on both Mac and Windows, support the new macOS Big Sur and Windows 10.

Xilisoft – DVD to iPhone Transfer

Xilisoft created so many DVD to iPhone transferring and converting tools. And its iPhone Software Suite contains multiple functions, including, DVD to iPhone transfer, iPhone ringtones maker and iPhone data transfer. With this iPhone manager tool, you can easily convert and transfer songs and videos to your iPhone, or convert songs as your iPhone ringtones.

Leawo iTransfer – Small iPhone Transfer Tool

Leawo iTransfer could be a small tool to manage data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes. You can use this tool to copy songs and videos among iOS device, iTunes and PC. Thus, you can backup iPhone data to the computer. Or add media files to your new iOS device without iTunes. This tool has two versions just like the tools we offer above. And the Window Version could be better than Mac, and now it isn’t compatible with the newest macOS Sierra. The good news is that the price of its upgrade license is cheaper than most of the transfer tools above.

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