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Mac Users of Police Scanner Radios. Mac Users and Radio Programs (Updated November 2016) The question about Mac software for the scanners and other radios comes up often here at ScannerMaster. The vast majority of radio programming software is made for Windows so the trick is. Scanner software works with large range of scanners. Scan and archive documents. Scan, share, and store documents, photos, receipts and more. Powerful drivers for Epson scanners. Powerful drivers for Canon scanners. Powerful drivers for Plustek scanners. Automates conversion of paper scans to PDF. Lightweight, fast document scanning. Verdict: Developed by ExactCode, ExactScan is probably the best free scanner software for Mac. It can scan and store up to 200 files and you can initiate the scanning of a document or an image either with your fingertip or by pushing a key on the scanner.

Colasoft MAC Scanner is used for scanning IP address and MAC address. It can automatically detect all subnets according to the IP addresses configured on multiple NICs of a machine and scan the MAC addresses and IP addresses of defined subnets.

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How does it work?

Choose a subnet from the Local Subnet combo box and click the Start button or F5 to execute scan. Colasoft MAC Scanner will display scan results in the list, including IP address, MAC address, Host Name and Manufacture. It will group all IP addresses according to MAC address if a MAC address is configured with multiple IP addresses. The scanned results can be exported into .txt file for future reference.

File Size: 172 MB Release Date: 06/21/2016
Latest Version: 2.3 Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Best Scanning Software For Mac

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