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MPEG Streamclip. If you do not have prior experience converting videos, MPEG Streamclip is the. How Do I Convert Video to MP4 on Mac for Free? Launch the Wondershare Video Converter for Mac and add the video file. Select MP4/MKV/MOV or any other format as the output format. Click on Convert to start the conversion for free. Step 1 Launch the Best Free Video Converter for Mac and import videos. Launch the Video Converter Free for Mac.

Get a universal media converter
Permute quickly converts files in a required format.

When someone says video, you probably think of MP4. The reality is, there are many video file formats better than MP4. MKV is a great example.

Today, MKV is gaining momentum because it’s super robust, able to fit a huge number of video and audio tracks into one file. The name is an acronym for Russian “matryoshka” — a set of wooden dolls of different sizes placed inside one another. Easy to remember: a matryoshka is many dolls in one, and MKV is many videos, audio, and subtitles in one.

To play MKV on Mac, you’ll need to use third-party media players — more advanced than QuickTime. Another option is to learn how to convert MKV to MP4. We’ll walk you through both.

Let Setapp deal with file formats

Convert MKV to MP4 or get a media player with native support for MKV. Setapp is a one-stop toolkit that solves any problem on Mac.

This ability to wrap all types of media into one file type is what makes MKV so popular. But it’s only available to a limited number of devices, and most often used as a video file-type rather than for true multimedia files. Because it’s open-standard, there’s no advantage for large tech firms like Apple to support MKV, or adopt it onto their platforms.

In fact, there’s no native support for MKV within macOS. If you were sent an MKV file, you would quickly have to convert the MKV to MP4. In this article, we’ll talk you through how the conversion works using several different MKV to MP4 converter apps.


MKV to MP4 without losing quality

Remember when we said MKV files were still not terribly popular? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about that. There will still be plenty of times you’ll need an MKV converter for your Mac, especially if you’re going to share your files with anyone. Chances are they will find the MP4 format much easier.

For this use-case, we recommend Permute converter. It’s an app focused on converting just about any and all file types to – well, just about anything! It’s really simple to use, too. Here’s how to convert MKV to MP4 using Permute:

  1. Open Permute.
  2. From the menu bar, go to File > Open.
  3. Select the MKV file on your Mac you’d like to convert.
  4. Select ‘Open.’
  5. From the ‘Video’ dropdown menu, select ‘MP4.’
  6. Click the ‘play’ button in the sub-window housing your MKV file. Keep in mind the video itself has a play button, too; the play button on the sub-window is what starts the conversion.
Free Mkv Converter Mac

That's it! Your MKV file will convert to the MP4 format. Keep a few things in mind before you start a transfer, though. In the upper-right corner of the sub-window, you’ll see a gear icon. This is where you can control where your converted file is placed. You can also make other changes like rotating the video, should you need that functionality.

Permute is also adept at batch conversion of files. If you had a few MKV videos you wanted to convert to the MP4 format, you don’t need to go one-by-one. You could choose multiple videos to convert in step three above, if they were all in the same location on your Mac. If the videos were in different places (one may be in downloads, the other in ‘documents,’ another in a folder – you get it) you could simply repeat steps two, three, and four until all your videos were added.

The ‘sub-window’ in Permute holds files to be converted, so adding multiple videos will convert them all the same way. Keep that in mind before you start; if you didn’t want all your videos to be MP4s, you’d have to create new groups.

That’s pretty simple, though. On the bottom left of the video is a gear icon, where you’ll see an option to ‘create new group.’ Simply do that and you’ll find the video in its own sub-window, ready for conversion to a different format.

Got a file you can't convert? Here's how to change video formats flexibly.

How to play MKV on Mac

Because MKV isn’t natively supported, you shouldn’t expect your Mac to spin up QuickTime to play downloaded files as it does with so many other media file types. Instead, we have two great options for MKV playback: Elmedia Player, and Movist Pro.

Elmedia Player is exceptionally strong at playing just about any file type you can throw at it. The app uses hardware accelerated decoding to play files, which ensures your MKV playback will be strong. Elmedia player also supports MP3, MP4, SWF, FLV, AVI, MOV, and DAT file types.

Here’s how you can play any MKV file using Elmedia Player:

  1. Open Elmedia Player.
  2. From the menu bar, go to File > Open.
  3. Select the MKV file on your Mac you’d like to play.
  4. Select 'Open.'

And that’s it! Your MKV file will automatically play in Elmedia Player. In the Elmedia Player window, you’ll be able to pause and play your file, fast forward or rewind, and choose the volume level. On the bottom right of the screen you’ll see a gear icon, where you’re able to finesse the playback speed, manage audio and subtitle delays, control the brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, and hue of your video, and enjoy a full equalizer for your MKV video files.

Movist Pro is just as impressive when it comes to video playback. Here’s how to play an MKV video on Movist Pro:

  1. Open Movist Pro.
  2. From the menu bar, select File > Open File.[MKV3]
  3. Select the MKV file on your Mac that you’d like to play.
  4. Select ‘Open.’

Deja vu, eh?! It’s the same process as Elmedia Player, which is great. Movist Pro has a lot of really great things going for it, too.

It has a really minimalist interface, with controls that quickly dive out of the way when a video is being played. The scroll-bar is as far to the bottom as possible, and the ‘play’ button is all the way on the bottom left. Even with controls on-screen, you end up seeing more of the video than with most other players.

Movist Pro also supports Mac’s native picture-in-picture mode, which pins a video to the bottom-right side of your screen. It’s a great way to keep track of videos while doing other things.

If you’re just looking to play a particular section of a file, Movist Pro has a really neat feature that lets you choose a range within a file, and loop the playback for that range. You can also add bookmarks to any video; an excellent option if you want to keep tabs on a video lecture, or mark favorite parts of a movie.

When you need to convert MKV to MP4, there’s nothing better than a simple, effective converter. For our liking, Permute is the way to go. It’s simple, effective, and doesn’t create any issues with the converted files. Too often we’ve seen converters that degrade the quality of a video.

Playback is also a critical component. While Permute can convert with ease, you may not always need that feature. Besides, you’ll want to watch your converted video files, too!

Elmedia Player and Movist Pro are both excellent video player apps. In our testing, each performed spectacularly. We also viewed converted files on Elmedia Player and Movist Pro to ensure there were no issues on conversion or playback. All three apps worked perfectly.

And all three – Elmedia Player, Movist Pro, and Permute – are available for free as part of a 7-day trial of Setapp, the world’s best suite of productivity apps for your Mac. Setapp also affords you free access to dozens more of the best Mac apps, which span all kinds of use-cases.

When your free trial period is over, Setapp is only $9.99 per month. If you pay for a full year in advance, it brings the total down to $8.99 per month, a 10 percent discount! Families will enjoy Setapp’s $19.99 per month plan, which provides unlimited access to the full setapp catalog on up to four different Macs.

It’s an incredible deal. Give Setapp a try today!

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by Brian Fisher • Jul 24,2019 • Proven solutions

Does it still bother you that you are not able to convert AVI to MKV successfully? To convert your AVI movies to MKV (Matroska Video) for sharing with other people more easily or uploading to some web which only accept MKV files, you need a professional Video Converter to assist you.

In this article, you will learn:

Part 1. How to Convert AVI to MKV with Original Quality [Batch Process Supported]

Here, the professional UniConverter is strongly recommended to convert AVI to MKV. It is an easy-designed, but powerful program in converting AVI files to MKV format on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and Mac (macOS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion). With its super high conversion speed, the MKV to AVI conversion could be finished just in several seconds. And the output files are in original quality.

MKV to AVI Converter- Batch Convert MKV to AVI on Mac and Windows. If you get lots of MKV files that you need to upload to video-sharing sites, you should convert your MKV files to AVI first, because AVI keeps good balance between video quality and file size and AVI is the most supported format on video-sharing websites.

Get the Best AVI to MKV Video Converter:

⭐ AnyConv is a five-star MKV to AVI converter tool ⭐ ️Convert mkv files to avi online in seconds No software installation required Absolutely free Completely safe. Changing mkv to avi is now easy! Mac MKV Converter Download Convert MKV to All Popular Video/Audio Formats MKV Convert helps you convert MKV file format to popular video for watching on computer, portable devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones and Tables like Samsung Galaxy series. Convert MKV to MP4 or MKV to AVI free & fast! Free MKV to AVI / MP4 Converter can change your Matroska file to MP4 or AVI in high definition. Convert MKV to AVI in batch. Watch your movies on any TV, PC, iPhone, Android, and other popular mobile devices. HD, Full HD & 4K quality support. 250+ ready presets to convert your MKV file. Mkv converter mac free download - Shining Mac MKV Converter, 4Videosoft MKV Video Converter for Mac, Aiseesoft MP4 Converter for Mac, and many more programs.

  • Easily convert AVI to MKV on Mac or Windows with ease.
  • Support to convert 150+ video or audio formats, including AVI, MKV, MP4, MP4, MOV, VOB, etc.
  • You can use it to extract audio files from your AVI or MKV videos to MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, AC3, AAC, AIFF, and so on.
  • Trim, crop, rotate your AVI videos, or add subtitle, watermarks and effects to your videos before converting them to MKV.
  • Adjust the parameter settings of your AVI or MKV videos whenever you need.
  • Download online videos from YouTube or other sites, and then convert them to MKV format with ease.
  • Burn your AVI or MKV videos to a blank DVD, or convert your home DVD to any format as wanted.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert AVI to MKV on Mac or Windows PC

Step 1. Add AVI files into the iSkysoft AVI to MKV Converter

Drag & drop AVI files to iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. Or you can go to the main menu, choose Add Files to locate the AVI files you want to add. This converter supports batch conversion, so you can add several AVI files at one time.

Edit video (Optional)

You can now use the inbuilt video editor to arrange the videos and make any changes that you would like.

Step 2. Select MKV as the output format

Now you need to go to the format list, choose 'MKV' as the output video format. And also choose a resolution as needed. You can follow the instruction in the screenshot below.

Number of tanks. Command and conquer generals torrent for mac.

Step 3. Start the AVI to MKV conversion

The moment you click the Convert All button, everything could be done automatically for you right away. Bingo! That's it! Within several seconds, you can get the MKV videos in the Converted tab!

Watch the tutorial video to convert video with iSkysoft Video Covnerter Ultimate

Part 2. How to Convert AVI to MKV Online

There are many online AVI to MKV converters available but this case, we will use the most effective ones with the best reviews. Different converters have different conversion speeds depending on the upload capacities. Therefore, we recommend you use these web app conversion softwares to convert your AVI to MKV online without much hustle.

1. Online Uniconverter

Link: https://www.media.io/convert/avi-to-mkv.html

Online Uniconverter is a Wondershare product created with the utmost professionalism. The company’s long-term experience in the field of software and applications creation gives it the trust it has gained so far. It supports popular file formats and you are guaranteed of quality output. To successfully convert your AVI file to MKV format on Uniconverter, you have to follow three simple steps. First, you have to import the AVI video file to convert screen by clicking + sign. Secondly, choose the MKV output file format to convert the AVI file. Thirdly, select the convert option to begin the conversion. Finally, click download to save your converted file.


  • It supports files that are less 100MBs.
  • It needs Internet connection.
  • Has watermart on the output video.

2. Online Converter

Link: https://www.onlineconverter.com/avi

Another way to convert AVI to MKV online is by using the Online Converter AVI to MKV converter. This web-based AVI to MKV converter also supports conversion of popular video formats just like the Wondershare Uniconverter. The process of converting videos on Online Converter is also simple and it involves two steps. You have to begin by uploading the AVI file to the platform by clicking on Convert dropdown to select AVI to MKV and browse the file from your computer. After that, click on Convert and your file will be converted to MKV.


  • It supports files that are less than 200MBs
  • Slow conversion process.
  • Has ad.

Part 3. How to Convert AVI to MKV Free with VLC

Alternatively, you can use VLC media player on your computer to convert AVI to MKV free. VLC video player far from being an awesome video player, it supports video conversion too to various formats. It is great to convert various formats though has few issues. Here is how to Convert AVI to MKV using VLC.

Step 1. Open VLC and click Media then Convert/Save in the VLC screen. On Open Media screen, click Add to upload file and click on Open to upload.

Step 2. Click Convert/Save key. To begin the conversion, check Convert option, display output, Dump Raw Input and select expected file type after conversion at Profile option.

Step3. Choose the destination file name and/or destination folder for where you will save the file. Then select save and click Start to begin the conversion. Once the conversion is done it will show as completed on the progress indicator.

An MKV file is an open-source container, which can provide supports for a large number of audio, video, and subtitle compression formats. That's why it becomes so popular for movie storage. However, your smartphone, iPod, or TV may not support this format. So it's a great option for you to convert MKV file into some other format, such as AVI, which is widely used in daily life. This post will show you four ways to convert MKV to AVI effortlessly on Windows PC, Mac, and online.

How to Convert MKV to AVI on Windows PC

EaseUS Video Editor is a versatile video and audio editor. It offers you a vast collection of video filters and overlay effects to enhance the look of your movie. Even if you are a beginner, you can make a brilliant video effortlessly with it. In addition, it is also an audio mixer software, a video speed changer software, a gaming video editor..

Key features:

  • Add text, filters, overlays, transitions, elements, music to create a viral video
  • Split, crop, zoom, reverse, cut, rotate, merge, speed up/slow down video etc.
  • Support converting video/audio files and changing video/audio formats
  • Upload to the social platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and so on

You can download this fantastic video converter then follow the detailed steps below to convert MKV to AVI easily without losing quality.

Step 1. Import the source file

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source file by either clicking the 'Import' option or simply dragging the video to the appropriate area.

Step 2. Add to project

You need to add the imported file to the track by choosing the 'Add to Project' option, or you can drag and place the video to the track as you want.

Step 3. Export the source file

Now you can click 'Export' on the main menu on the top.

Step 4. Save as MP4/AVI/WMV/MKV/MOV/GIF

Under the 'Video' tab, choose a file format among the available options as the desired video file format.

On the right pane, you can edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings and then click 'Export'.

How to Convert MKV to AVI on Mac Using VLC

VLC is a free and available video player for Mac and Windows users. It can support most audio and video file formats. If you want to use VLC to convert MKV to AVI with no watermark, you just need to refer to the procedure below.

Step 1. Install and open VLC Media Player.

Step 2. in the top left corner, choose the 'Media' button followed by 'Convert/Save.' Then click 'File' and 'Add' to select the MKV file you want to convert. Choose 'Convert/Save' button and 'Convert' in turn.

Step 3. In the convert tab, click 'Create a new profile' and choose the 'AVI' button, then click 'Create' followed by 'Start.' You can get the AVI version in a few minutes.

How to Convert MKV to AVI online, free

Apart from these converters on computers, many online converters allow you to convert MKV to AVI directly. They support many common formats, including MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. To save your time on finding online converter, we recommend you two free MKV to AVI converters to choose.

1. ConvertFiles

ConvertFiles is a popular online converter for you to convert MKV to AVI. It supports multiple popular file formats such as document file, e-book file, and presentation file, and so on.

Converting MKV to AVI covers three simple steps.

Dwg free viewer for mac. Step 1. Add an MKV file from your computer.

Step 2. Choose the format that you want to convert.

Step 3. Click on the 'Convert' button. Wait a few minutes to download the converted file.


2. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert is the other simple MKV to AVI converter, which supports various formats of audio, video, image, and many more files. Moreover, you can import the file in three ways: add the file from your computer, paste a URL, or choose a file from cloud service.

Here is the step by step guide to convert MKV to AVI with FreeFileConvert.

Mkv To Avi For Mac Converter Download

Step 1. Select an MKV file.

Free Mkv Converter Full Version

Step 2. Choose the output format from the pull-down menu.

Step 3. Click 'Convert' and download the converted file.



To satisfy your needs, we have offered four free MKV to AVI converters for you to convert MKV to AVI easily and quickly. You can choose the right converter for your situation. Here, we highly recommend EaseUS Video Editor. Using it, you can convert files in three simple steps. What's more, you can add mosaic, filters, overlays, and text to your video to make it more attractive. You also can upload the converted video to the sharing platform directly.

Convert MKV to AVI FAQs

If you want to know more about converting MKV to AVI, you can keep on reading.

1. How do I convert MKV to AVI in VLC?

Step 1. Install and open VLC Media Player.

Step 2. In the top left corner, choose the 'Media' button followed by 'Convert/Save.' Then click 'File' and 'Add' to select the MKV file you want to convert. Choose 'Convert/Save' button and 'Convert' button in turn.

Step 3. In the convert tab, click 'Create a new profile' and choose the 'AVI' button, then click 'Create' followed by 'Start.' You can get the AVI version in a few minutes.

2. What is the difference between MKV to AVI?

  • An MKV file is an open-source container format. AVI is a video format developed by Microsoft.
  • In addition to the common codecs, MKV supports H.264/AVC and HEVC/H.265. However, AVI can't support them. They are two significant codecs for HD and 4K UHD videos.
  • AVI may support multiple video or audio streams based on the codecs, while MKV can store multiple tracks of audio, video, and subtitles.
  • Many devices, players, and online sites can support AVI due to its simplicity, and MKV is not suitable for average users who don't need all the features of the format.

Free Video Converter For Mac Mkv To Avi

3. How do I convert MKV to AVI using HandBrake?

Avi Video Converter For Mac

Step 1. Launch HandBrake and import the MKV file that you want to convert.

Step 2. Click the 'Destination' button on the program to choose the destination folder.

Step 3. Move to the 'Output Settings' field, and choose AVI as the output video encoder from the 'Encoder.'

Step 4. Click on the 'Start' button. Then the MKV files will be converted into AVI format.

4. How can I convert MKV to mp4 for free?

Mkv To Avi Video Converter

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor and import MKV files.

Step 2. Place the MKV in the timeline. Double click on the MKV to edit it.

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Free Mkv Converter For Mac

Mkv To Avi Converter Mac Free Download

Step 3. Click 'Export' and choose 'MP4' format to save it.

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