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by IWin

This is war! Protect you native land and attack wicked enemies in a new great Strategy game Risk! Extend your land using strategy skills and slew your enemies. Be one step ahead and victory will be yours! Try new version of the classic board game with amazing graphics and heavy music! Do you dare to outgame smart computer Generals? You may play even in the special mode with up to five of your friends! Download Risk for free and become the best General!




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The board & cards games from Hasbro are incredibly popular. In August 2007 a one of them named Risk was turned into a military strategy game. We guess it was really hard for IWin developers. For starters, they needed to maintain Hasbro reputation. Secondly, they needed to develop a captivating strategy & simulation game which is going to attract a lot of casual gamers... Read more

It’s known to everyone that military strategies are lacking in plot. Risk is no exception. No one bothers to introduce you to a storyline, because it’s absent. You just have a glance at tutorials, if you’re not good in strategies. Instructions are pretty clear. The next thing you see is a field in the form of a global map. Here are your lands and the enemy countries which dream of conquer you. Your goal is keep them away and defeat them instead. The whole gameplay is turn-based: you make move and wait untill the rival makes one too. You see the impact and correct your attack in accordance with it. That’s all. Sounds boring? If only you’re not addicted to the strategies.

There’s nothing we can say about the graphics. It’s simple and never attempted to be somewhat splendid. To be honest, it works for this game. The soundtrack is based on a military motives with a lot of drumming. There is a voiceover who orderly informs you on the name of the country you’ve picked up. Both melodies and voice sound are too much pompous.

There’s nothing spectacular about this game. No action scenes or gaudy locations. Music is mediocre. By a strange coincidence, all these disadvantages look good for Risk. It’s probably out of top 10 pc games and big let down of Hasbro’s trademark, but it’s still ok to play at especially if you’re a fan of a genre. If you don’t want to spend couple of hours under marching rhythm of Risk, don’t even bother. You better play some free online games.

Free Mac Games Risk Game

4, June 2015DoubleGames

Free Mac Games Risk Assessment

Modern battle tanks lead the assault, attack submarines prowl the oceans in search of lone aircraft carriers, Ace Pilots dominate the skies with Stealth Fighters as your hand reaches the Nuclear Launch Button. In Conflict of Nations: World War 3, you control the course of history on a global scale.
Take control of one of the world's most powerful nations and face the imminent threat of World War III. Conquer resources, forge alliances and strengthen your economy. Research devastating weapons of mass destruction and become the planet's dominant superpower.
Smart alliances or ruthless expansion, stealth warfare or nuclear devastation? The choice is yours: The nation's military power awaits your command, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are you ready to take control?
For fans of realistic grand strategy games, Conflict of Nations offers a giant playing field, a multitude of military units and endless paths to success. Jump into combat, plan your strategy and lead your troops to victory in the days and weeks to come. Rank yourself and claim your place among the best players in this addictive World War III game.
- Up to 128 human opponents per party
- Units move in real time across the battlefield
- Lots of different maps and scenarios
- Real military technologies and equipment
- Huge research tree with over 350 different unit types
- Three different doctrines: Western, European, Eastern
- Ground combat with stealth, radar and missiles
- Nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction
- Fresh content, updates, seasons and events
- Dedicated partnership game in a large community
Join the race for the best strategy players on the planet! Jump into World War III and test yourself in real time against human players through the geopolitical maps of the modern world.

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