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Easy-to-learn app that sends emails in bulk mode, featuring numerous useful options, including a task scheduler and a contacts manager

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AB Bulk Mailer enables users to easily send bulk emails via SMTP servers. Its support extends to Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail and AOL.


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The interface is not particularly attractive, since it does not include striking visual elements. However, it's fairly simple to get to know, since all main features are accessible through separate buttons.

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It is possible to add as many email accounts as necessary. Preset parameters are established for the previously mentioned email services, while custom ones may be put together with SMTP servers, email addresses and passwords, SMTP user IDs, port numbers and SSH enabled, along with the number of emails to be maximally sent within 1 hour and 24 hours. Using the Ping function on an SMTP server verifies the connection status. All accounts can be sorted in a list.

Bulk Mail Folder Appeared

The form for sending email messages has standard options, including attachments, TXT or HTML email format. It is backed by common word processing tools (e.g. font customization), task scheduling (reoccurring or not), message headers, preview mode, HTML editor, spam checker, and alternate subjects filler.


Mail settings are subject to modifications when it comes to delay between messages, mail sending timeout, headers, outgoing mail character set, ending errors display, reply ID, and others. HTML files can be exported and imported, and AB Bulk Mailer provides a few message templates.

The program also features a contacts management form, with support for importing data from text and Excel files. Personalized or bulk mails can be seamlessly sent to any contacts group. Meanwhile, quick access to specific tools is facilitated within the main application window via shortcuts - email account checker, senders, history, logs, and more.

AB Bulk Mailer leaves a minimal footprint on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM. Its extensive features allow anyone to quickly send emails in batch mode, such as newsletters to customers, or birthday invitations to friends. The app's only disadvantage lies in its appearance.

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AB Bulk Mailer was reviewed by Elena Opris
  • Can verify only 5 emails at a time.
  • Can only send 500 mails a day
  • Nag screen
  • Allows to grab contacts from Google search and allows to send limit based mails
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