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What is the best program to make beats on a mac
  1. MPC Beats is the free beat making software DAW with Drum Programming, Sampling and Audio Recording built on the legendary MPC music production hardware.
  2. LMSS (Free) This is another powerful open-source beat making software for making beats on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS. LMSS is known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. The features which are offered by this tool allows one to create exceptional beats similar to what professional artists create.

Best Free Beat Making Softwares. I have a friend who is passionate about music. He is a great music composer and has composed some of the best music. Composing a music does not need any special skill, you just need to play with these Best free beat making software and use your creativity, music will automatically come out of you.

In this article, you’ll get the list of 10 Best Free Beat Making Software for beginners which will let you compose the music of your choice. Many of these softwares are free and easy to use and also provides some sample music on their website with which you can get an idea of your own new composition.

Many of us have questions like:

FL Studio is a must have free beat maker software. If you possess a creative bent of mind and in a constant need for creating something new, FL Studio is the right destination for you! The software is applicable for both Windows and Mac. The download is entirely free. Best Beat Making Software (Free) 1. FL Studio (Windows, Mac) 2. Download Serato Studio free for Mac or PC. Our fast, simple workflow and built-in sounds will have you producing beats in no time.

  1. What softwares do producers use to make music?
  2. Which is the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)?
  3. What DAW do most EDM producers use?
  4. Which is the best DAW for beginners?
  5. Is LMMS free?
  6. What does Martin Garrix use to make music?

and many more such questions. Today, in this post you’ll get the answers to almost all questions you have in your mind. So keep reading.

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Here’s Top 10 Best Free Beat Making Softwares list

FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the best free beat making software for beginners on my list. You can download FL Studio by clicking the link or by going to their official website. FL Studio is available for both Windows and MAC and comes in 2 variants, 32-bit and 64-bit. The current version of FL Studio is 12.5 at the time of writing the article and the size of the software is 677 MB.

There are multiple inbuilt tools available in it to enhance your skills with which you can create, edit and remix any type of music you want. The UI is very simple and easy to understand with many cool features. FL Studio is the first choice of music composers when it comes to best softwares to make beats.


How much does it cost to use FL studio?

It is $199 for FL studio producer edition. Although, there are some other variants also having different prices. Here is the list:

  1. Fruity Edition: $99
  2. Producer Edition: $199
  3. Signature Bundle: $299
  4. All plugins: $899


Hotstepper is another Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and MAC both. You can download Hotstepper by clicking the link. The software has 12 channels with multiple sound samples, and some of them are available in .hpa extension which helps in creating some awesome music beats.

After creating beat music, you can export it in .wav format. BPM slider can be moved to adjust the tempo of the track inside the panel of the software. You can also stretch sound according to the length of the beat using this beat making software. Various musical instruments available in the software makes it the Best Free Beat Making Software for beginners.


MuseScore is another best free beat making software for Windows and MAC. It’s intuitive beat making technique makes unique and attractive music. You can download MuseScore by clicking the link. The software has easy to use interface and almost all essential features that allow users to create ultimate music.

I recommend this software for beginners to start with because of its simplicity. You can export music in multiple formats including flac, .ogg, .wav. A passionate user can create some of the best beat music with MuseScore. It is one of the best beat making software for beginners. You may also like 2 player unblocked games.


DrumFlow is also available for both Windows and Mac OS and is the best software to make a beat. It includes wide numbers of sample files which can be used to make awesome movies. Users can modify these pieces of music with the available tools. You can adjust the pitch and tone to create some exceptional beats.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS. You can download DrumFlow from this link. You can save the output the file in multiple formats, and much more such features make it best free beat making software for beginners.

Free Beat Maker For Pc


Ordrumbox is another best free beat making software available for windows and mac. You can download ordrumbox from their official website or by clicking the link given here. The powerful features available in this software let users change the music type and other inbuilt settings which makes it best free software to make beats. Exporting music files created with this tool are also very simple.



Hydrogen is another best free beat making software for free available for both windows and mac. You can download hydrogen for free. It can easily create, modify, mix, compose using the powerful features of this tool, which makes it one of the best free software to make beats.

It has easy to use but intuitive interface, which does not need you to be technically expert in this software. Hydrogen can create music files without any complication and can be saved in a various audio format like mp3, WMV etc.


LMMS is another best free beat making software for beginners. You can download LMMS from this site. The software has a simple interface and offers easy to use functionality to create some of the best mind-blowing music.

The software has various sample tracks with which you can create your own music in few clicks. It has plenty of presets on the left-hand side of the panel that can be added to your track. Those can be selected in just a few clicks to be used in your music. The software also includes the varieties of instruments in the database. It is another free software to make beats.

Hammerhead Rhythm station

What Is The Best Program To Make Beats On A Mac

Hammerhead rhythm station is another robust software which allows newbies and professional to create some of the best music tunes. The software is only available for Windows users but is one of the best free beat making software in the industry. You can download hammerhead rhythm station from here.

Free beat software for mac

It offers a cool interface with many cool features to create amazing music. There are many built-in tools to create tunes. Files can be exported in multiple formats and because of this, it is another best free software to make beats.


Garageband is another best free beat making software for Mac OS, initially, it was not available for windows but later it came for Windows 10 users. You can download Garageband for free from Apple’s website for Mac OS.

The tool has many musical instruments such as guitar, piano etc. to be learned and played. Like other softwares, you can also export the composed music files in any format. It is free software to make beats.

Musink Lite

Musink Lite is another best free beat making software for windows only which allows users to compose music easily with few clicks. You can download Musink Lite free from here. The software has a feature to zoom in and out the graphs to control the things from the program itself.

It also has a nice documentation for beginners to get an idea from it. The file can be exported in MIDI format once the project is completed. Musink Lite is another free software to make beats.

In this list, you got some best programs to make beats for beginners.


Music is one of the most interesting industry and becoming a musician is not so difficult these days. Many software makes it easy for the passionate musician to make the beats (some of them are listed above). If you’re a passionate musician just start learning it from youtube. And there are softwares to make your life easy.

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