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Install OSX El Capitan on a PC (MBR)

The installer has the name “Install macOS version name”. For Mac OS X El Capitan, the link downloads a disk image file named InstallMacOSX.dmg. When the file is downloaded, double-click it to install an app named “Install OS X El Capitan” into your Applications folder. All you need to perform the installation is a spare 8GB or larger USB thumb drive, an external drive to back up all your data to (if you have any), and a copy of OS X 10.11 El Capitan. OS X 10.11 El Capitan can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


  • A real Mac or Hackintosh
  • A spare disk drive – at least 8Gb, preferably USB
  • An 8Gb or larger USB stick
  • The Install OSX El Capitan.app from the App Store
  • A disk partition to install in

Install on spare disk drive

Connect your spare drive to your PC. Use the method described here to build the El Capitan install USB stick and install OSX using the GPT partition scheme on your spare disk drive. Check it boots up OK and works OK.

Copy to your MBR partition

Use the Disk Utility to either copy the El Capitan partition to your MBR partition, or create a disk image and restore it to your MBR partition. Install Clover on your new El Capitan partition using the MBR options.

Copy the kexts you used to build the USB stick to the new El Capitan partition in EFI>CLOVER>kexts>10.11. I needed FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and a ethernet driver AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext. Disconnect the spare disk and reboot to check the El Capitan installation boots OK and works OK. If it worked on your GPT disk then it should be OK on MBR with the same drivers.

The problem with creating a GPT partitioned disk and installing on it is that you end up with a bios boot menu item ‘Mac OSX’ which you can’t delete, even using the Clover EFI shell or the linux utility efibootmgr. I’ve got two flavours of linux and efibootmgr refuses to work on both of them. It may be possible to get around this by installing on a USB drive.

I have since found you need to run the Clover EFI shell while doing a UEFI boot to get access to the bios boot menu items.

Later releases

I couldn’t get this to work on Sierra and High Sierra because the installer automagically creates a recovery partition which doesn’t get transferred. So I have converted to UEFI, which works fine using the USB stick method.

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Have You Heard Of Download El Capitan ISO? Let Us Find Out What This Is.

Download El Capitan ISO is developed for Mac OS users. This provides smoother and faster features to your Mac OS. If you are in need to download this amazing El Capitan iso you are in the right place. In this article, you will get to know how to Download El Capitan ISO, install this to your Mac OS and amazing features of this software. So keep reading.

What Is An ISO File?

These ISO files are types of software which are also considered as files. These can be burned into CD or DVDs. And these can be used as installers in your Mac PC. It is very rare to find a proper ISO file on the internet. But with this Download El Capitan ISO, you can easily find and download them.

Features Offered

Download El Capitan software is a wholesome package of amazing features. Let us see the list below.

  1. You can easily pin your tabs you need in the browser.
  2. Calendar events and contacts handling with
  3. Modified split more and transit the directions
  4. Pausing feature in Autoplay
  5. Email viewing in full screen with main gestures
  6. Mission controlling cleanups with Download El Capitan ISO
  7. Shining spotlight and menu bar hiding feature.

El Capitan Bootable Usb

The Latest Update Of Download El Capitan ISO

  • Download El Capitan ISO has released Safari 11 version
  • Has included supplemental updates in the security of the device and OS
  • Safari 10 has the ability to access OS X Download El Capitan and X Yosemite
  • OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan enhancement of bug fixes and security has been released too.

Download El Capitan ISO System Requirements

You are already aware of the features of Download El Capitan ISO and you are here reading the requirements of this software. Which means you are interested in this. Let us explain to you the minimum requirements you need to satisfy in order to use this tool.

  1. MacBook Pro, Mac mini Models newer than 2009
  2. iMac, X server models newer than 2007
  3. MacBook Air, Mac Pro models newer than 2008
  4. 2 GB minimum memory needed to Download El Capitan ISO
  5. Minimum 6GB space to install and run the software
Technical details

Name: Download El Capitan ISO
Setup Method: Offline or Standard types
OS: Mac

El Capitan Install Cd


Starting With Download El Capitan ISO

In order to use this amazing tool, you need to Download El Capitan. Download this tool and then you need to check the requirements of the PC. It is essential. If you pass it you need to back up your existing version of OS and your user data. This is required if something goes wrong.

Next step is to install the Download El Capitan ISO on your setup drive using the clean install method. This will erase your data, but you do not worry you have your backup with you. Let us see what this clean installation method is.

Clean Installs Of Download El Capitan Iso

There are two types of clean types in Download El Capitan. Choose the best method you need to install the tool.

  • Clean install in empty volume: This method is easy because the startup driver is not involved.
  • Clean installation of target volumes: This is more common but erases everything in the device

El Capitan Download Usb

So do not get late. Download El Capitan tool and run your Mac OS device smoothly. And experience the latest and newest features too. Try it now!

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