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Daily log software has become really important in our current workspace. These software has gathered so much of interest because they efficiently manage the daily routine of work. Be it entering data on system or completing a pending report, daily log software keep a track of everything you can ask for. So, once you have these tools in your hand, you can be sure to be bang on time for all your assignments.

Features at a glance. Compose your diary entries on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps. Write in plain text using the advanced Markdown editor. Powerful encryption and password protection. Sync seamlessly and securely via iCloud. Import entries from other journaling apps. Add in-line rich media with photos, videos, emojis, files, and links. Supporting multiple diaries in one database file, rich text formatting, video recording and much, much more, this software provides the ultimate solution. Efficient Diary v. Efficient Diary is a completely free while still cross-platform and powerful electronic diary software package.


My Simple Log Book – Daily Activity Log Software

D3DGear – Video Game Recorder Software for WindowsIt is a very elegant cross-platform program for entering routine logs. The user can even use it like a diary. It supports ASCII and Latin 1 fonts. It supports almost all major platforms and is portable in design. The software can be downloaded for free of cost.

Daily Log & Meeting Minutes – Daily Work Log Software

This is very commercial software used to track the finest details of each and every project taken. The software is very good for doing detailed case study. There is a demo version available for free. With this software, you are always aware of the progress of your work.


Truck Logger – Free Log Book Software for Truckers

Truck and bus drivers should be always aware of their working hours and for them here is truck logger. This software is especially meant for them to electronically store all details about their working hours. The theory behind this is that these people should not be taxed due to noncompliance.

Other Platforms

Need not say, log book software are immensely important for all of us. Keeping this in mind and the fact that we are using platforms other than the conventional Windows today, people have designed these tools to go with other operating systems. Now, you are not bound by the limitations of your OS in tracking your work details!

iDaily Diary – Daily Activity Log Software for Windows

With a very user-friendly interface, iDaily Diary is great daily log software that helps you take regular notes and saves them in a journal style. You can insert hyperlinks, graphics and what not in your logs. The logs can be exported to HTML for creating webpages.

Diaro – Logbook Software Free on Android

Use Diaro to jot down all your routine works, experiences, feelings, people you meet etc on a particular day. You can also sync all your information across other platforms. The software gives the user a security code to maintain privacy. The software has multilingual interface which is very simple.

Daily Journal – Activity Log Software for Mac

This is just like another diary for you. You can capture your thoughts, trace your imagination, jot down your routines and feelings with this wonderful software. This can be used for your personal as well as professional purposes.

Drivers Daily Log – Daily Activity Log Software for Truckers

This software is basically meant for truckers and transport companies. The website gives a large number of options for both the client and the driver. Daily vehicle tracking, driver logbook, truck auditing etc; are some of the services offered. There is a trial version available on the website.

Free Diary Apps For Laptops

What is Daily Log Software?

As the name suggests, Daily Log Software is a tool that can be used to create and store all your daily activities electronically. The design of these software makes them really useful. These software comes with a powerful search engine that can search exactly what you are looking for using just keywords. As privacy is a concern, these software are engineered to keep your privacy intact. The use of these software has taken pace in the last few years. You can also see Time Tracking Software

Best Diary App For Windows

With the more and more use of mobile devices, you do not need to go anywhere else for recording your daily tasks.If you want to stay a step ahead of your colleagues, use these daily log software now. You can stay on time of your routine and impress others. Also, these software come with many additional features which will definitely prove worthy for your purpose.

Free Journal Apps For Windows

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