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Sep 30, 2019 Free EML to MBOX converter means demo edition of this product permits to migrate 25 EML files to MBOX format free of cost so users can evaluate it before investing money. EML to MBOX converter supports conversion of Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, Zoho Mail, Zarafa, DreamMail, etc. Exported.eml files.mbox. Convert mailboxes to EML files—which can be indexed with Windows' Desktop Search and other search tools—so you can easily find emails. Convert your mailbox from Windows to Mac or UNIX. Or the other way around. Aid4Mail MBOX Converter is easier, faster and more accurate than other free converters. It even includes several powerful features.

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Eml2mbox - A Ruby eml to mbox converter This is a platform independant Ruby script for converting multiple eml files into a single mbox (Unix Mailbox) file whose format is described here. Generated files can be imported to all email clients under Windows, Linux.

Convert Pst To Mbox Freeware

As we all are aware that Yahoo and Gmail are common email clients between several different organizations. But some corporations are yet dependent on Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows live mail. As Thunderbird has fewer features so the users are migrating towards Windows Live Messenger. In this article, we will be focusing on how can users convert Thunderbird MBOX to EML format and difficulties users may face while shifting.

Though there are various converter tool available in the market, I always put my trust on this Software. With the help of Mac EML to MBOX Converter, I could easily convert EML files to MBOX on my Mac machine. This software ensures a hassle-free approach, that helps even a naive user to perform the conversion process. Steps to Convert EML Files to MBOX Format Easily. Download and install SysTools Mac EML Converter software and open it. After that, click on the Add Folder (s) option to add multiple EML files. Now, select MBOX file format as the Output format and apply filters if required. Choose the destination location and click on the Export button to move.

What difficulties do users face in Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail Migration

MBOX is an open-source file format that is used for saving email messages in the String format, and email clients like Thunderbird, Opera, Apple Mail, and other email client applications use them. But yet, difficulties confronted by users with MBOX file format as compared to another file format, i.e EML file format.

Below mentioned are the reasons, that instigate users to use Thunderbird MBOX. The advantage Windows Live EML file has over the MBOX files.

  • Individual email messages can’t be saved by users.
  • Face difficulties to index MBOX files in Windows Search.
  • The Thunderbird files don’t agreeable with many other email client applications.
  • Organizing the attachments is not an easy task.
  • In Internet Explorer and Notepad MBOX files are to open.

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Standard Ways to Convert Thunderbird MBOX to EML

Here are the methods by which you can do so:

Approach 1: Opting “Save As” or “Save Selected Message” Option

Using the “Save As” Option

  1. Firstly pick specific messages that you want to export, or press CTRL + A to pick all the email messages present in the current folder. Then right-click the chosen emails. Choose “Save As” from the options.
  2. By clicking the “Select Folder” button. Choose the folder path to store the EML files.

Using the “Save Selected Message” Option

  1. Firstly pick specific messages that you want to export, or press CTRL + A to pick all the email messages present in the current folder. Then right-click the chosen emails. Choose “Save Selected Messages”. Then select “EML Format”.
  2. Now choose the folder path to save the EML files by clicking the “Select Folder” button.

Approach 2: Use the free ImportExporttools Add-On

For storing all the EML messages in the EML format in a single go for Thunderbird Mozilla grants an add-on named ImportExporttools. Download it and follow the steps given below.

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird. Go to “Tools” and tick “Add-on” from menu bar.(You have to press ALT button if Menu Bar doesn’t show up).
  2. Then Select “Install add-on from file” in the Setting icon.
  3. Now earlier where you have downloaded it Choose the file “importexporttools-”. Then tick the “Open” button.
  4. Tick “Install Now” button. After completion, click the “Restart Now” button.

Now you can use it to export messages into EML format using below steps:

  1. Go to Mozilla Thunderbird and choose the selective folder which you want to export. Then right-click on that particular folder followed by picking “ImportExportTools”. Then pick “Export all Messages in the folder”. At last, click on “EML Format”.
  2. Now choose the folder where you want to keep the EML files by clicking the “Select Folder” button.

What to do if none of the above-discussed approaches workout?

If the above methods do not work to convert MBOX to EML, you only have to keep your faith and trust in a reliable and competent converter tool for MBOX. This utility even recovers the corrupt MBOX files. At the beginning stage it repairs the files and then it converts and stores the files in EML file format. And If you want to convert MBOX files in bulk then don’t worry because this software can convert them in one shot.

Aid4mail Mbox Converter

Wrapping it up

Convert Eml To Mbox Mac Free File

With several reasons why a user may want to migrate an existing mailbox data from one mail client to another. Despite the reasons, mailbox migration is usually pretty dull, time-consuming, and risk-prone. That why I suggest you use the Professional tool.

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