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Dispute on the two major operating systems has never stopped: Android and iOS, which one is better? There is no doubt that both systems have their advantages. Android is an open source platform and users can get many excellent apps from multiple app stores while iOS users can only download apps from App Store due to some iOS restrictions. Many iOS users may have questions on how to run Android apps on iOS device. Currently, there is not an effective way available to realize it. Herein, we introduce you two alternative ways to enjoy Android apps on iPhone and iPad.

  1. Bluestacks Ios App Store
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Bluestacks Ios App

Bluestacks Ios App Store

Release Notes - BlueStacks 5. BlueStacks 5.3 Download this version 1. Introducing BlueStacks 5. How will this help? BlueStacks 5 will elevate y. How can I move from BlueStacks 4 to BlueStacks 5. I have BlueStacks 4 and want to move to BlueSta. Controls Editor in. Sep 30, 2021 BlueStacks, the free Windows Android emulator, has launched a brand new version of the software that works directly in your browser. It’s called BlueStacks X, it runs in the cloud and will allow you to play all manner of Android games pretty much anywhere you have a direct internet connection. This is a how to guide to playing iPhone Games on your PC by linking them to BlueStacks. You can link IOS Games to BlueStacks but it is contingent on the ac. Jun 10, 2013 As an example, if an app makes a call to a menu item within Apple's platform, it goes to an iOS library in order to draw the appropriate menu. But in this case, BlueStacks intercepts the call.

Best Aternatives to run Android apps on iOS devices


Regarding alternatives to run Android apps on iPad and iPhone, your best choice is ApowerMirror. It is one of the best screen mirroring applications, and it allows screen mirroring from Android to iOS devices in an easy way. Therefore, you don’t need to download the Android app you want to use on your iPhone or iPad or even jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Before you start to use ApowerMirror, make sure both Android and iOS devices are connected to the same WiFi connection. Follow the simple guide below to see how to enjoy Android apps on iOS with this app.

BluestacksBluestacks ios app free
  1. Download ApowerMirror on both devices.
  2. Launch the app on the two devices. On the Android device, find the blue mirror button on the bottom part of the interface, and it will search for other devices to connect.
  3. Select your iOS device from the found devices list. Tap on “Start Now” to show the Android screen on your iOS device.

Once the two devices are connected, you can view Android apps running on your iOS device. Here is a how-to video.

BlueStacks App Player


The second alternative, BlueStacks, is one of the best Android emulators in the market. It enables you to use Android apps on PC so you don’t have to run Android apps on iPhone or iPad. For iOS users, no matter you have an Android device by your side or not, you have access to all the Android apps and can even download them from the Google Play Store. This program is free to download and use. With it, you can use your mouse and keyboard to control your virtual smartphone and run Android apps on PC. Proceed to see how to use it to run Android apps.

  1. Download BlueStacks App Player on your PC.
  2. Launch the program, configure and log in with your Google account.
  3. On the Home page, find the search box on the top right side of the program, enter the name of the Android app that you want to use, and search for it.
  4. Install the Android app on BlueStacks, and then you can run it on PC.

Note: BlueStacks App Player works well on the condition that the computer can provide 4GB free space, 2G RAM or more and an updated Graphic Driver. It may be common for you to encounter problems from time to time when using a computer with low performance.

For iOS users, it may be hard to run Android apps on iPad and iPhone directly, but you can use the above-mentioned alternatives to enjoy Android apps. No matter which tool you are going to choose, you’ll be able to enter a different world by accessing the Android apps that you never used on your iOS device.

Is Bluestacks Available For Ios

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