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Download BlueStacks 4 for PC and MAC Free Download 2020: BlueStacks is the emulator that plays using the Android app on your PC / Mac easily and smoothly.BlueStacks has released the newest and most powerful advanced Android emulator for PC / MAC Called “Blue Stacks 5 download“.BlueStacks launched a new version after the “BlueStacks 4. Download BlueStacks App Player 4.270.1 for Mac from FileHorse. 100% Safe and Secure ✔ Install and run Android Mobile Apps on a Mac OS X. BlueStacks is an android emulator for running any android app on your computer. Download Bluestacks App Player for Windows or Mac from here. Developers have developed the BlueStacks App player which is an Android emulator for various platforms such as PC or Mac. Through an advanced engineering work your computer will be able to load an Android environment like a mobile phone, Offering the ability to download and run many exclusive Android apps from the OSX operating. Just follow these simple steps to run and install the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC Windows and Mac. Go to the official website of BlueStacks Android Emulator and download the latest version. Before Click on the Download button, you just need to select the PC version like 32bit or 64bit.

Android Emulators are one of the most popular applications these days because of a variety of purposes which they serve.

Is bluestacks compatible with mac

It helps android app developers to test the applications which they have developed according to real life usage before they release it.

However, the reason why Android Emulators are so popular because these android emulators allow you to install your favorite android applications on your PC/Laptop which allows you to play your favorite games on a bigger screen with the comfort of using a keyboard and a mouse.

There are a lot of Android emulators which are available for download, but finding the one which is the best and which will suit you the most is not at all easy and it can be very confusing for any user.

Download BlueStacks 4 for PC and MAC Free Download 2020: BlueStacks is the emulator that plays using the Android app on your PC / Mac easily and smoothly.BlueStacks has released the newest and most powerful advanced Android emulator for PC / MAC Called “Blue Stacks 5 download“.BlueStacks launched a new version after the “BlueStacks 4” Almost million of peoples currently using for.

In this article we will discuss the top 10 android emulators which you can download to install your favorite android applications on your PC/Laptop.

BlueStacks is quite simple to install and use for playing android games or using android applications on Your Windows 10 PC or Mac Laptop. No prior guidance is required to use this emulator. On the downside, BlueStacks may slow down the speed of your device depending upon the configuration and system compatibility. It aims at players similar to Bluestacks and comparable emulators. But, it is also quite usable as a productivity tool too. Its latest upgrade was in mid-November 2019 which upgraded additional smart keymapping together with the typical performance enhancements and bug fixes. Nox is just another Android emulator for PC for players. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator designed to run Android applications and games on our PC, Mac, and Windows. Mainly the emulator focuses on operating Android games on our devices with high quality and resolution. However, it also helps us download Android applications.


  • 1 Top 10 Android Emulators For PC & MAC

Top 10 Android Emulators For PC & MAC

  1. GameLoop

    GameLoop is one of the most popular android emulators available for PC because of the latest changes which this emulator has introduced.

    It was previously known as the Tencent Gaming Buddy but since it became the exclusive emulator app for Call of Duty Mobile game, it changed its name to GameLoop android emulator.

    It is dedicated completely for playing Android games which means you can install other Android applications on this emulator, but their performance would not be that great.

    Game Loop has got plenty of built-in game settings and support for Android games especially FPS(First Person Shooting)games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile.

    It has really low response time and even heavy games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile do not lag during the gameplay. This is why, GameLoop is our number one choice when it comes to Android Emulators.

  1. BlueStacks

    One of the oldest and probably the most known and famous Android Emulators of them all is BlueStacks Android Emulator.

    It is really easy to install which adds to its popularity and it is one of the most preferred Android Emulators when it comes to gaming purposes. Earlier, BlueStacks was used only by gamers, but now even app developers use it because of the updates this app has received which suits most of the app developers well.

    The most recent version of the app BlueStacks 3 is much faster and efficient than ever before and it now runs even the most demanding games at high settings and graphics without lags.

    Another reason why BlueStacks is so popular because users can download apps from the official app store of BlueStacks which has apps optimized for being installed on BlueStacks android emulator.

  1. MEmu

    MEmu is one of the more recent android emulators launched in 2015 and it mainly targets thegaming audience i.e this emulator is made specifically for gaming purposes.
    It is capable ofrunning graphic intense games like PubG Mobile and COD Mobile at high settings and smoothgraphics and the performance of this Emulator is somewhat similar to the performance ofBlueStacks emulator.
    The reason why it is so popular because it has also got support for older and slightly outdatedAndroid versions like KitKat and Jelly Bean.It has got dedicated mapping which will help you when you play FPS games like PUBG Mobile.
    It can also automatically identify APK files on your computer and can install them just by adouble click on the file.

  1. Nox App Player

    If you have used MEmu Android Emulator, you will find Nox App Player quite similar to MEmu because Nox App Player is quite similar to MEmu emulator in terms of usability, interface and performance.

    It is one of the best emulators for personal use and has got a really simple interface which makes it very easy to use.

    It has got a massive in-built game library and has got the smoothest gameplay on all of them.Nox App allows you to map your keyboard and has also got gesture support which makes it really popular in the gaming community.

Is bluestacks available for mac

Bluestacks Emulator For Macbook Air

  1. KO Player

    KO Player is one of those emulators which love gamers because it focuses mainly on gamers. It aims at delivering a lag-free experience to its users which makes it really popular amongst gamers.

    KO Player is a free application and this is why you can see a few advertisements here and there for monetization purposes.

    KO Player has in-built support for keyboard mapping and it is very easy to set up and navigate through the apps.

  1. Remix OS Player

    After the huge success of Remix OS, Jide Technologies launched its own Android Emulator, the Remix OS Player.

    Unlike the Remix OS which was a real operating system and it required disk partition for being installed on the hard drive of a user’s laptop or PC.

    However, the Remix OS Player is an android emulator and it is one of the unique android emulators available because of the unique features which this emulator has to offer.

    It has been highly optimized for gaming and this is why it is really popular amongst the gamers.

  1. Andy

    Andy is a completely free Android emulator and you won’t also be seeing any annoying advertisements.

    It has got a unique feature which allows you to use your smartphone as a controller while you are playing your favorite games.

    It also allows you to install Android apps directly on your desktop.
    It runs very smoothly and could be great emulators for games that you want to play as well.
    I personally have played many games and the playing experience was just smooth.

  1. Droid4x

    Droid4x is one of the competitor applications to Andy and it comes with many features which the Andy Emulator offers.

    It is one of the few selected emulators which is suited more to the developers working on Android App Development instead of gamers.

    It can be installed both online and offline using installer packages.

    Personally using it on my low configuration PC, it gave me pretty satisfactory results.

    Hence, if you have a low configuration PC, you may choose this one.

  1. GenyMotion

    GenyMotion is one of the few applications which has been developed specifically for developers although it supports games equally well.

    It lets you test your developed applications on various platforms.

    Various android versions which can help a developer fascinating their applications on a wide variety of different android versions.

    When you will be installing this on your PC, you will notice that this is a very light emulator.

    The RAM usage is very little as compared to others.

  1. Android Studio

    Android Studio is the official emulator of Google and is a developmental IDE(Integrated Development Environment).

    It has been developed mainly for developers and has a lot of in-built tools which are of a great use to these developers.

    These are some of the best android emulators and all of them except the BlueStacks emulator do not require powerful processors of additional RAM and most of them would work on Intel or AMD processors with 2 GB or less of RAM.

    But it suggested that for a smoother gaming experience, your PC/Laptop should have at least 4 GB of RAM or more.

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When it comes to playing Android games on PC, BlueStacks is unarguably one of the best Android emulators for Windows 10 and Mac users around the world.

BlueStacks 4, the latest version, runs on Android Nougat (7) technology and it was the first emulator to implement it back in 2018. And ever since then, BlueStacks has added a lot of new features with every update making the gaming experience better and better! Here are few of them that we loved while playing the Android games on BlueStacks.

Astounding Features of BlueStacks

#1. Shooting Mode!

Not all emulators are capable of providing mobile like experience on PC due to compatibility issues of mouse and keyboard. But with BlueStacks, all you need to do is press F1 and start shooting it with your mouse when needed. That’s how simple it is to control the game at your fingertips, especially in the shooting games.

#2. Multi-Instance Manager!

Playing a single game with multiple accounts at the same time is what many gamers prefer when it comes to PC games. The multi-instance gaming option in BlueStacks is capable of running more than 2 games at the same time without making your system slow. Be it a 32-bit or 64-bit Android game, BlueStacks lets you play Android games on PC, you can read more at how to play Android games on PC. All you need to do is sign-in using your different accounts to use a multi-instance manager.

#3. MOBA Mode!

Online battle arena and role playing games have gained immense popularity over the times. And the eagerness to play such MOBA games on PC with BlueStacks has also seen a hike. That being said, the MOBA mode in the emulator lets you control the game dynamically instead of your regular WASD keys. Here’s how to activate the MOBA mode in BlueStacks.

  • Launch the game and press CTRL + Shift + A to access the advanced game controls.
  • Next, drag and drop the D-Pad on the screen and open the D-Pad settings with right-click
  • Now choose the MOBA mode and click on Save Changes to activate MOBA mode.

With this, you can skip the usual WASD keys and set custom keys for particular actions. You can find the advanced MOBA settings from the official website here.

Bluestacks Android Emulator For Pc

#4. High FPS!

When it comes to shooting games, the games are designed to be best played with high FPS. The game that involves quick movements of opponents usually needs high FPS on your PC to be in the game. This is because you need to plan your moves quickly, attack them to win the battles and to do this, high FPS is required in the games you play. To set up high FPS, go to BlueStacks settings from bottom right sidebar and click on Engine option. Now, set the FPS slider to 60 and tick the ‘Enable High Frame Rates’ option in order to adjust the FPS further. These changes will be applicable when you launch the game next time.

Apart from these features, the custom key mappings is something which you’ll find missing in other emulators like NoxPlayer and MEmu. If you would like to edit apps, remove promotional ads from BlueStacks than you need to root BlueStacks and you can do so using BSTweaker 5. With that said, let’s now see how to install the emulator on Windows.

Bluestacks Android Emulator For Pc And Mac Play Stream Watch

How to Install BlueStacks on Windows PC

The emulator can be installed in 2 ways. One is with an online installer (the installation guide that we’re going to explain now) and the other one can be done with an offline installer.

Step #1

Option 1: Download BlueStacks offline Installer by clicking on the below links to get started depending on your computer CPU.

Option 2: Visit the official website of BlueStacks from here and click on the download BlueStacks button, depending on your system configuration, the installer will automatically detect the 64-bit or 32-bit Windows version and install the latest version of BlueStacks accordingly.

Step #2.

Launch the downloaded file of BlueStacks and click on Yes when the system asks you. Once the BlueStacks appears on the screen, click on the Install Now button in the emulator. Wait for some time until the emulator gets installed. The file size is about 550 MB.

Step #3.

Wait until all the files are extracted and it checks for system requirements before installing. It also checks the extracted files in the process to install the BlueStacks engine on your PC. Ensure that your antivirus is turned off if it’s interfering during the installation of BlueStacks.

It may still take some time to start BlueStacks as this is the first time you’re installing it. Overall, it depends on your PC’s performance.

Step #4.

Once the BlueStacks is launched, make sure that you sign-in using your Google account as it syncs your data if you’ve used the emulator earlier.

Bluestacks Emulator For Macbook 2020

Step #5.

Bluestacks emulator for macbook air

Enter your Email ID and password of your existing Google account to proceed further.

Step #6.

Once done, click on ‘I Agree’ on your BlueStacks after entering the password. By default, the Backup to Google Drive option is turned on. Keep it as it is if you want to back up all your BlueStacks data. Next, click on Accept.

Step #7.

It will now launch the Google Play Store through which you can search and install your favorite games just like you do in your Android smartphones or tablets!Well, that’s how simple it is to download and install BlueStacks on your Windows PC. In future if you are not happy with running BlueStacks on your machine than you can read here on how to uninstall BlueStacks completely.

Bluestacks Android Emulator For Pc And Mac

Bluestacks Emulator For Macbook

BlueStacks probably occupy a decent amount of RAM on your system. So depending on the RAM you have in your computer, the BlueStacks may run slower or faster.

Minimum System Requirements to Install BlueStacks!

To ensure that BlueStacks runs smoothly and you don’t face any issues while playing your favorite games, make sure that your system is compatible with these system requirements.

Bluestacks Emulator Pc Download

Operating System: Microsoft’s Windows 7 and above.

Processor: AMD or Intel Processor.

RAM: Minimum 2GB of RAM

Is Bluestacks Available For Mac

Hard Disk Drive: Minimum 5GB Free Space.

Updated Graphic Drivers is a must!

These are the minimum system requirements but if you’re a heavy user or love to play more Android games on PC, here what your PC must have.

Recommended System Requirements to Install BlueStacks!

Operating System: Microsoft’s Windows 10


Android Emulator Bluestacks Download

RAM: Minimum 8GB or higher

Processor: Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor.

Graphic Cards: Intel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller

Apart from all these, ensure that Virtualization is enabled on your PC. If you’re not sure about how to enable it, here’s a simple guide to follow.

Bluestacks Emulator For Macbook

Closing Thoughts!

Bluestacks Android Emulator For Pc And Mac

We hope that you’ve now got enough information on BlueStacks to get started! If you face any issues during the installation process or while playing any games, do let us know in the comment section. We will be happy to solve your issues as we’ve played various Android games on BlueStacks until now. Download BlueStacks now and stay tuned for more such detailed guides and tutorials!

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Older versions of BlueStacks App Player

Bluestacks Emulator For Macbook

It's not uncommon for the latest version of an app to cause problems when installed on older smartphones. Sometimes newer versions of apps may not work with your device due to system incompatibilities. Until the app developer has fixed the problem, try using an older version of the app. If you need a rollback of BlueStacks App Player, check out the app's version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of BlueStacks App Player for Mac. Any version of BlueStacks App Player distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost.
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