Best Andriod Emulator For Mac

  1. Just like Bluestacks, the Nox player is a quick android emulator compatible with both Windows and Mac. Again, the Nox player is designed by keeping games in mind, it gives Android’s stock version and you can also install games from the google play.
  2. Here is the list of 10 Best Android Emulators For PC of 2020. Android-based emulators were developed in order to have smartphones applications run on PC.
  3. Android Emulators are one of the most amazing things for Windows PC and Mac users. Your computer becomes a dynamic device which can run other apps and software which are only compatible with.

There are many valid reasons why someone would like to run android emulators on their personal computer. App developers might be trying to try their apps prior to shipping them out. Gamer’s might want to utilize a keyboard and mouse on their games. Perhaps you simply want it there to have it.

Best Android Emulators For Windows Pc - Nox Player, Remix Ox Player, Bluestacks, Ko Player, Memu, Amidous, Droid 4x, Andy Os, LeapDroid, Bliss Os, Genny Motion. Nox Player is one of the best.

In any case, an android emulator for windows and macOS is likely, and it is a little simpler than it used to be. Many old favorites either left the space or turned out to be not viable at some point; however, the whole thing else here must work fine for many people.

Android emulators serve different purposes, from assisting developers in trying apps to online gamers playing on a big and widescreen. Perhaps you’re switching from Android to iPhone or vice versa, or you want to try custom software on a personal computer.

The possibilities with an android emulator for windows and macOS are endless. Daily users may also desire to experience the Android operating system on a Windows or macOS PC, complimented with a keyboard and mouse.


  • 3 Top Android Emulators For PC AND MAC Reviewed

Top 5 Android Emulators For PC AND MAC

  1. Bluestacks – Largest Gaming Library Of Over 200+ Million Games
  2. GameLoop – Build For Gamers, Record Videos and Take Take Screenshot Make Ease
  3. MeMu Play – Support 120 Frames for Fgo and Some Other Games
  4. NoxPlayer – Only Emulator So Far That Includes Android 5/7/9 & 32/64 Bit
  5. Phoenix OS – Octopus Keymapping Engine

How we chose the best Android Emulators

We consider many factors to come up with this list of emulators. This includes the minimum system requirements, are they easy to install, and support many accounts. We also consider their keymapping capabilities and if they support various kinds of gaming platforms and android emulation system’s.

We also consider the feedback of users. All these are collected in order to determine which one stands out from the rest.

Top Android Emulators For PC AND MAC Reviewed

1. Bluestacks – Largest Gaming Library Of Over 200+ Million Games


  • Easy to install without technical skill needed
  • Support many accounts
  • Keymapping capabilities


  • Limited to gaming
  • Notice some lags
  • Ads supported


Bluestack is considered the most used and popular Android emulator for PC and macOS. It’s favoured and chosen for gaming and is ridiculously user-friendly. Other than the Google Play Store, you have the choice to download the optimized app from its app store.

This is one of the fastest platforms for mobile gaming with the broadest array of experience-enhancing choices. It also supports Android N on users’ systems with improved graphics and doesn’t consume more power, so your battery will last longer. It doesn’t capture a lot of RAM too.

This android emulator supports keyboard mapping. Bluestack is simple and easy to set up compared to other android emulators available out there. If you download and set it up on your PC, you can get it working almost right away. It is made for gaming mainly, and it has an exceptional keymapping capability that you can set for every game individually.

As for the gaming experience, this emulator does better than other android emulators. But, you will notice lags, particularly on underpowered computers. That being said, it is still one of the most excellent android emulators available, most notably for those who are new to android emulators. You can use this on Google Play.

BlueStacks Android emulator at present is based on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat). You can use it for free but go to the premium one if you want to make the most of its benefits.

2. GameLoop – Build For Gamers, Record Videos and Take Take Screenshot Make Ease


  • Superb mouse and keyboard integration
  • Official partner of PUBGs and Call of Duty
  • Great performance
  • You can easily download this emulator to Google Play


Best Android Emulator For Mac

  • Only for gaming
  • Apps not associated with gaming don’t work well


GameLoop is a user-friendly android emulator which does only one thing, and that’s gaming. If you are searching for an android emulator for PC and macOS that can perform productivity, then this one is the best choice.

GameLoop does gaming better than other android emulators. This is the official partner of Call of Duty mobile, PUBG mobile as well as other games.

Gamers can play Cyber Hunter, Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Cyber Hunter, and other renowned android gaming titles.
Another best thing about this android emulator compared to others is that it is integrated with a key mapping feature that works correctly. The fact that Tencent games developed this emulator, the key mapping for entire Tencent games is performed accurately.

Therefore, if you like an android emulator only for game playing and specifically to play Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile, etc., then Gameloop is a superb option. At this point, this emulator also supports Fortnite games.

3. MeMu Play – Support 120 Frames for Fgo and Some Other Games

Best Andriod Emulator For Mac


  • Install virtual location on Google Maps
  • Support NVidia and AMD
  • Set up virtual keys for emulation


  • Requires a decent computer
  • Limited to gaming


MEmu is one of the most renowned android emulators and amongst the fastest open-source emulator for playing games on your desktop. It’s notorious for offering amazing performance as well as a remarkable user experience.

This android emulator enables you to level many accounts for a similar game, or the users can play many games on a single account simultaneously. MEmu has over 20 million users in more than 200 countries and about twenty languages with constant development in progress.

MEmu enables users to play android games for free and has many optimized graphics. It also has an easy, straightforward installation procedure, which supports a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad to play games on mobile perfectly. It also offers a choice to make a custom app distribution or android emulator to meet the needs. It enables file sharing between Windows and Android platforms. MEmu has quick APK installation through the drag and drops feature.

At present, Memu is based on Android Lollipop as well as works top of the class with productivity applications. So, if you want to play games such as Pokemon Go or Ingress, this must be the best choice. In general, it is the most excellent emulator if you like to experience Android on a personal computer.

4. NoxPlayer – Only Emulator So Far That Includes Android 5/7/9 & 32/64 Bit


  • Stunning user interface
  • Rooting is easy and simple
  • Mapping shortcuts on controllers
  • Multiple windows on one device


  • Your will experience lagging when many windows are open
  • Poor security protocols
  • Google Play authentication is required


Nox is also one of the most popular android emulators for PC and macOS. It is safe to use and free as well. It has an agreement with GDPR and also cares about user’s personal information and keeps them safe. It is entirely optimized and stable for apps and gaming and makes the use flawless and smoother.

Using this emulator, you will have a similar gaming experience as a system. This one supports the keyboard, gamepad, script recording, instances running continuously, and many others.

Users and gamers have highly recognized Nox from all parts of the globe since it was launched in the market. At present, it has been found in over 200 countries worldwide and has over 150 million users. It has open keyboard mapping working with one click; gaming controls are all on the gamepad, keyboard, and mouse. It allows working multiple functions to work at a time to take pleasure in more games.

Nox supports Android 7 that offers the best user experience as well as superior performance. The integrated macro recorder allows you to record the complex operations and can do the script in just one press of the mouse.

5. Phoenix OS – Octopus Keymapping Engine


  • It comes with the newest Android version that makes it a gaming professional
  • Superfast gaming experience
Download android emulator for pcBest android emulator for mac 2020


  • Only supports Windows
  • Lots of Ads

The Best Android Emulator For Mac


If you want android emulators that have a simple user interface, then consider this one. It provides good integration between desktop and Android. It also works on x86 OS. You can directly install it on the memory of any operating system without affecting the files and documents. It can handle HD games with amazing performance. It also comes with many useful features, such as multi-function support for players.

Phoenix OS supports Android 7 that makes it relatively faster when it comes to performance. It is also known for accelerated gaming with 30+ fps with an essential system requirement. Phoenix OS also has impressive support service as well as regularly updated. The visual interface is exceptional thus attracts many users from all parts of the world.

Aside from boasting experience, this also improves a desktop-like experience; therefore, it works well for productivity.

Key Takeaways

With android emulators for PC and macOS, you can play games on your mobile devices and other apps with the use of a keyboard and mouse.

These android emulators can also run a high-end mobile game that cannot run on older or outdated phones. The best thing about these android emulators is that you do not have to worry about the life of your battery.

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