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Mac OS X, Menu: Atom Preferences Install. Gcc-flags.json file from the Initialized/Imported project and add -x c flag at the beginning of. Download Turbo C for Mac OS X for free. Installation Note: After copying the Turbo C folder to Applications, please right-click on the TurboC app in the Turbo C folder in Applications and select 'Open'. This needs to be done only when you launch the application for the first time.

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  1. How to uninstall Atom on Mac? In the event that you experience issue when endeavoring to erase Atom and also its related segments.
  2. Atom is 'simply' a Text editor that is not able to compile anything. If you use a Makefile, then there are a few add-ons for building targets via key bindings. If not, open a terminal and use the C compiler on your system.
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IDE Stands for the Integrated Development Environment. It is a simple source code editor and it has some of the best tools for debugging. The topmost IDE has intelligent code completion and hence if you are working in a huge project working on IDE is a lot more beneficial. It gives ease in writing the code and saves your time in completing the project for the client or for yourself. So in this article, we have listed some best IDE for C and C++ which can be installed on different platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. The below given are the best C IDE.

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Secret: One of them is an Online C++ IDE to compile CPP Online.

1) CLION – Best C++ IDE for Mac

One of the famous company JetBrains has developed Clion. It is one of the best IDE to compile and run c /c++ codes. It has a smart editor and embedded terminal. It has various languages and standard such as C++11, libc++,JavaScript, boost, HTML, CSS and XML. The shortcut makes the Project a lot more time saving and faster. You can take a look at their quick start guide that will guide you on how you can get started using this particular IDE. The C language IDE for Mac is also available in other platforms such as Windows and Linux. You can run it in any Mac OS.

The main disadvantage of the IDE is that it is a premium one and you will have to pay it in order to use it. However, they offer 30 days free trial.

Platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.

Download Link: https://www.jetbrains.com/clion/

2) Visual Studio – Best C++ IDE for Windows 10

Visual Studio is one of the best IDE by Microsoft. The best part is it’s a FREE IDE to run the program of C/C++. It also supports many more language. It has both the versions FREE and PRO. The visual studio Code is also available for Mac os and Linux along with Windows. In my list of best C IDE it holds second place.

When you are looking for the best C++ IDE for Windows 10, without a doubt, Visual Studio is the outstanding one. they also support various other code that you can use. The one thing people don’t like about this IDE is the download process. You can’t directly download the offline installer, you will have to download the setup after which you can install the IDE into your machine. Many of the people prefer direct installer.

Atom C++ Mac

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Platform: Linux, Mac OS, Windows


Download Link: Visual Studio

3) Eclipse – Perfect C++ IDE for developers

You surely have heard about Eclipse IDE, one of the oldest and most used IDE for almost any kind of language. The best part about the IDE is that it supports many languages. Some of you might already be using this IDE for many of the purposes such as running Android Projects, etc. For all those developers out there, you don’t need to switch to any of the other IDE, you can simply use Eclipse for your editor for C Language projects.

Talking more about the software, it is an open source project which provides many development tools for C/C++. The remote system operator is also included in Eclipse. It also has IDE for JAVA and PHP along with C++

Download Link :Eclipse { C/C++ IDE }

4) Netbeans IDE – BEST CPP IDE for Developers and Java Lovers

With the remote development and File navigation feature, it is one of the good IDE FOR C/C++. They have various configuration options that are loved by the developers and for the same reason, programmers prefer Netbeans for C/C++ Development. It includes a dark theme for the people who love working on Dark theme C/C++ IDE.

People use Netbeans mostly for Java development and therefore, if you love coding in Java along with C/C++, you should surely give it a try.

Platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Download Link:Netbeans

5) Geany – CPP IDE for Developers and Python Lovers

Geany is one of the best Lightweight IDE for C/C++. It has features like code folding, symbol name auto-completion, syntax highlighting, simple project management, auto closing of tags. If you are a C/C++ developer and looking for Best Lightweight and best c IDE for your project. Geany is the best option. It supports all the popular platform like mac, windows as well as Linux.

Download Link: Geany
Atom C++ Mac

6 Brackets code editor

It is one of the new IDE which has been used by many people. Basically, it is an editor but has IDE like features that will enhance the way you write your C language code. Therefore, you can use it as IDE. When you first download the IDE, it will look simple but you can easily extend the functionality by plugins. You can download the extension pack for C language and you can easily use it as IDE instead of an editor.
So, for the people who want something lightweight and something that has all the features of IDE also, you should give this a try. Do tell us in the comment section why you prefer IDE over the editor.
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

7 Atom Code Editor

Atom is another code editor that you can make use of if you love programming in C language. The atom code editor has everything you need. Most of the things in this editor is built in such as file browser as well as the package manager. You can just use the shortcut to replace any of the code. Moreover, it has the autocompletion tool that you can use and works perfectly well.
The IDE is available for Windows and you can also download the C Language IDE from the Github for other Operting systems such as Mac and Linux.
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

8 Codelite IDE

For the people who are looking for a lightweight IDE, Codelite is the best C++ IDE for you. They have two code completion engines for better suggestions and improved code completion. For the debuggers, they have support for LLDB along with the GDB support. You can make use of them for better coding.
Developers prefer this free C IDE for mac as well as for Windows and Linux. It also supports Node Js along with PHP language. You can try this IDE if you are also working on the given languages.

Atom C++ Compiler

Download Link: Codelite

9 Code::Blocks

The other Best C IDE software you can try out is Code::Blocks. This deserves a place in the top when compared to others. They have a beautiful user interface along with all the features that a developer needs. It has support for Multi-target projects and not to mention auto-completion ability.
If speed is your main priority in opening and building your project, you should surely give this one a try as it is very fast and you can easily get the most out of it.
Download Link: Codeblocks

10 OnlineGDB – Best online C++ IDE

As promised, we will see one of the IDE that is online. You can use this online C++ IDE to compile C++ online. You can debug, download and even share the code that you have written. Even if it is online, they have made sure the user gets the best experience as offline. You no longer need to worry about online Turbo C++ Compiler.

Atom C++ Ide

This is especially for the people who were asking for the online C language compiler and debugger that they can use. Do try it out and tell us how it is.
Link: OnlineGDB

Atom C Mac Pro

Final Words

You should choose the IDE that has support for the next language you are using along with C/C++. For instance, if you are

Atom Mac Os

Not sure about Programming language to learn next? Check this >> Which Programming Language should I learn.

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For instance, if you are developing in Java along with C++, you should choose Netbeans as your IDE. In this way, choose the one that is best for you. You can surely give a try to a different IDE and select the best one. Almost all the C language IDE has the basic features that you need along with the dark theme that is loved by programmers out there. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

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